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    Tenu Yaad Eh - Jazz Aulakh - Reproduced by Amar Sekhon Edits

    Hey guys, got my hands on some vocals; let me know what you guys think about the sound!
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    Tried Bhangra Mix

    This is straight up fire not sure why you think you're not that good at bhangra mixes
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    Akh Laal Jatt Di - G.O.A.T. - Diljit - Reprod. by Str8 5abi

    Hey BTF, tried something new and outside of my comfort zone when it comes to remixing by chopping some vocal samples and some old RnB/Soul samples, adding in a bassline in addition to adding layers of dhol/dholki and a programmed boom bap beat. Let me know what y'all guys think!
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    Dhol Presence in Mix

    What I do is use sidechain compression so that whenever the kick is not bumping, the sound of the dhol cuts through the mix by increasing the gain. To give my dhols that fat/hi-fi sound (similar to how the dhol sounds in Sukshinder shinda's tracks with Jazzy B), I use a multiband compressor and...
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    Bhangra Instrumental

    Hey guys, so I've been making bhangra instrumentals from scratch for a while but I've never shared them as I never felt they were ready to be posted. This is one of them. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Would any of the seasoned veterans mind giving me feedback on how...
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    Front Stage Dancer

    Basically the chimta player, usually dances to the side (analogous to a dholi). For my team the chimta player is usually a backup dancer in case one person from our team is not able to compete for an upcoming competition.
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    Doriya (2005) - Malkit Singh - The Str8 5abi Remix

    Tried something new with an old Malkit Singh classic! Please let me know if there's anything I could improve on EQing wise as I've also tried something new with how I mixed the dhols.
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    Gubindhi - Kulwinder Johal & Kaos Productions - The Str8 5abi Remake

    With the whole social distancing and quarantining going on, I had some spare time apart from studying to remake/remix one of my favourite classics, hope y'all guys enjoy it as much as I did making it!
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    Hint - Karan Aujla - Desi Remix

    If you guys have any feedback please lemme know! Much appreciated!
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    Closer - Mickey Singh ft. Dilpreet Dhillon -- Dhol Remix

    If you enjoyed the mix, please be sure to follow!
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    Seattle Coed Bhangra Team Tryouts- May 31st

    They're not abc tho LOL
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    World's Best Bhangra Crew 2015 Reviews, Memories and Comments

    To me I think this competition and 2015 itself was the Bhangra Renaissance for the UK Bhangra Circuit as well as the North American Bhangra circuit
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    WBBC 2015 Placings!

    Did Nachdi Jawani Warriors and Xtreme Bhangra Compete?