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    Ne1 still use DC?

    FYI - This new site is fee based - $6 per month or $72 per year. They don't tell you until you try signing up. I would personally avoid as the original Dholcutz was free & there are plenty of other places to get bhangra content. ~ Basim :)
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    Bhangraton III | Sept 2020 | DJ GT

    This is hot GT - thanks for sharing! ~ Basim :)
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    Tried Bhangra Mix

    I agree with @Amarsbar - this was fire. Definitely continue the work/sharing and try to mix things up even more for the future. ~ Basim :)
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    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 - very clean mix. As GSingh mentioned, Pata Chalgea sounded so hot with the beat you had going. Absolutely loved it. I felt you had great vision and execution. It's crazy how both DJ's sampled the same motivational speech from the 2006 Rocky Balboa movie! ~ Basim :)
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    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 2 - why was your intro so low in volume compared to the rest of your mix? You should have gradually brought up the volume to the rest of the mix. DJ 1 was way too messy - almost like it was thrown together last minute. An example that even bad ears can make is the poor transition...
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    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 DJ 2 - where was the HP incorporation? I can't get a sense on where or if you used it - perhaps you used it in the background, but this HP soundtrack has a very unique sound which I feel if you mess with a lot, only retracts from the creating a truly blending into a Punjabi mix...
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    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 - great job incorporating the soundtrack! Fav part was 0:36 onward and especially the drop, followed by what you did at 0:43-0:48. I felt after that point, your ending could have been a little stronger, but nicely done overall. DJ 2 had some creative ideas, especially with that...
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    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 Absolutely incredible mixes by both mixers! I think both did an excellent job of capturing the essence of this challenge. To make it this far (semi-finals) in Bracket A, I sort of expected to be splitting hairs on determining a winning mix. DJ 2 had great creativity, vision, and...
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    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    Below are the mixes for Bracket A - Matchup 1 in the mixing ladder! Please vote for your favorite mix below. Feedback is also welcome, and encouraged! Voting closes on Thursday, June 18th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to valid BTF accounts. Newly made accounts will be...
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    Folk Loops 2020 - Free Dhol Loops

    Pure Gold! Thank you @HarmanToor, as always, for sharing with our bhangra community ~ Basim :)
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 - definitely fit the theme better. Love this song :) Close matchup. I felt both DJ's did a good job trying to be creative/unique in their own ways. DJ 2 - I loved your intro and especially the "chipmunk" sounds you threw in. I echo what guranshsingh wrote about the transition...
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 After hearing a lot of other mixes in Bracket B, both of these this matchup really stood out in a good way. My thoughts align with parmszn mentioned. Most of DJ 2's mix felt like a big build up with very little chorus and then another build up with an ending that didn't fit the...
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 As others mentioned, it's definitely evident that DJ 1's mix was off key. The mix felt more like a typical saap segment to mix. DJ 2 just threw a bunch of stuff in there. I liked certain aspect like your intro/buildup and the panning effect with the sample at 0:33-0:35ish, but...
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    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 DJ 2 was definitely creative, but I your bass should have been hitting deeper. I liked your intro, but the rest of the mix wasn't anything too impressive. The tempo shift after 0:29 was nice, but I wish you brought the mix back to the faster pace after introducing that. I also...
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    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 2 - I enjoyed your intro and your mix overall, but be careful, it got pretty messy from 0:54 onwards imho. A lot of good feedback given by others, so make note of it and improve your craft, otherwise you may not make it past future rounds. ~ Basim :)