Dj Juggy

Hi, my name's DJ Juggy

I got involved in music at around 14, making mixes on Magix Music Maker 6 and uploading them to DC++. Some of my mixes such as Das Jas VS Move B*tch Get Out The Way & Har Dil Jo Pyaar Kareega VS I Don't Wanna Know gained a lot of popularity, so I invested in some decks and eventually started DJing at various events such as house parties, restaurant openings, charity fundraisers and family events.

I don't believe myself to be your average DJ, I have this ability to mix numerous types of genres melodically with Bhangra music, with a creative twist. My music selection varies from Bhangra, (old school & new school), RnB, Hip Hop, D&B, Garage, Dubstep, Soul, Trap, Reggae and Jungle. I am also my own worst critic, even if I have spent hours on a single mix and it's not getting my foot tapping, its going straight in the recycle bin & I will start on the next project. I only upload stuff that sounds harmonious to the human ears, not just a mish-mash of random latest chart hits thrown into a 30min mix.

I believe a mix should tell a story for the listener, take them on a musical journey, from start to finish. Put it like this, its like making a sabji (a mixtape) and the ingredients are my choice of songs, depending on the way I mix those ingredients, that will decide how good the sabji tastes, right?! I put a lot love and passion into what I do, so my sabjiya always leave you wanting more.

My main love will always be the duet folk songs, where songs just consist of dholki & tumbi and the rawest vocals full of emotion from singers like Amar Arshi, Kuldeep Manank, Surjit Bhindrakhia, Surinder Shinda, Gulsharan Kaur, Ranjit Mani, Mohd, Sadiq, Ranjit Kaur and of course Chamkila & Amarjot (plus loads more).

My creative mind has led myself to blend, mix, and match Bhangra tracks with Western tracks in an unbelievable way. If you ever wanna check out my mixes please click my link & for any old mixes I used to share on DC++, I'm more than happy to send them via email.

Dj Juggy
Jul 24, 1987 (Age: 33)
Open format DJ



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