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    Koi Mor Liavo Ni, Bhangra Mera Margeya Ni Bhangra Mera Margeya

    My first post in IDK how long. But I'm dead. Aman and Ankur always doin their thing, speaking the truth as always.
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    UEFA Champions League 2013

    Plus possibly picking up Lewandowski too. And adding a proven coach in Pep, can't wait to see Bayern (as Skip Bayless would say) UNLEASH havoc on bundesliga and ucl. On another note, Lewandowski might join united, can you imagine him and cr7 playing a two man front with rooney playing a better...
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    2013 NBA Playoffs

    In all reality, it's my boy Kush's heat that will win the title. But just for kicks. Knicks vs Thunder. And the title goes back to the Mecca of Basketball.
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    I'll second it brother sid
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    Whether it's for charity or not. Other artist's music cannot be sold. Unless any new copywrite/property laws have been created within the last couple of years.
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    North Korea threatens to Nuke U.S. again...

    The nuke controversy always pops this video into my head. I'll still move to Australia. Fucking kangaroos.
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    What's your fav. HINDI song?

    I don't but I can ask someone who might. If you find it, please post it as well. lol
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    What's your fav. HINDI song?

    Talk about resurrecting a thread. Someone dug deep for this one. And this Dosti track is awesome, movie was sad though. Here's a few of the songs that I have in my external, got more, but thought these were the best that hadn't been posted.
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    Joshiley Jawan @ Bhangra at the Bell Last Performance Ever

    First and foremost, I think I know how the khunda trick was pulled off, but I will never tell. I'll double check with SRK to make sure I'm right. Ok now, HOLY MOTHER OF lnak;lsndg;asg;asjdg;adgahbs;gbaj That was incredible. Formations were awesome, choreography was fantastic, mix with the video...
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    Looking for two mixes

    Anybody on that Mashook track.
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    Looking for two mixes

    Thanks fellas. Miss you JD ;)
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    Looking for two mixes

    Anyone have any hot mixes of Sharry Mann's Chandigarh waliye and Mehtab Virk's Mashook?
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    We doin it this year or what?
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    Who's representing Hurricane?
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    What's the longest you would commute to go to see a Bhangra competition?

    How about 3000+ miles. NorCal to NYC...BAB 2010...Shoutout to my Guardian Brethren, and Campy, JD, Roohi, First Class Bhangra, and Jaggi.