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    Weird Old Professor Guy Talking Dhol Schmol

    Is this you? Nice to see a face behind all the knowledge drops!
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    Bubble or not, its hard for speculators to genuinly understand the concept of being decentralized, let alone the beauty of block-chain technology. I invite speculators to spend some time into exploring how the concept of putting currency on a decentralized block-chain works in comparison to how...
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    Good content. Got anymore knowledge to drop?
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    DAV College Jalandhar Bhangra 2017

    impeccable form - their dancing was incredible
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    DJ Scam Warning: DJ JsM (Jasjeet Matharu)

    Did you make an account just to post this?
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    Bruin 2018 Challange

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    VSB | Waris @ BBC 2017

    YO THIS SET WAS SICK! Love your style, please dont change.
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    DJ Scam Warning: DJ JsM (Jasjeet Matharu)

    There goes your reputation! This is the greatest thread BTF has seen in a while