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    Bhangra in the Burgh 13 Placings & Feedback

    all the samosas at the comp couldve been warmer, too cold, ruined the entire comp experience honestly
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    TAAZA 2020 Application Packet

    next you guys should do mukbang video competition where teams eat healthy together before the warmups. winner gets their tab at the afterparty paid for. Course 1: oatmeal Course 2: chicken breast and broccoli Course 3: gulab jamun (if its cheat day)
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    BB26 Official Lineup

    Real question is which raas and bollywood dancers picked this lineup lmao
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    Vice City Competition Review

    Lol as someone who was there: -the venue ended up being a high school gym looking place that was part of some local park -apparently teams weren't noted of the venue change until 2 days prior -couldnt make it to the mixer but I heard that even though it was on a nice beach, it was delayed so...
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    bring back comp reviews

    I remember couple years ago there would be massive threads after a comp weekend talking about what the comp did right, wrong, etc. No idea why these stopped but lets start them up again. Not only does it help the comp for the next year, but also gives pointers to other comp committees on what...
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    Standard for lineup selection

    surprisingly motivational bro, respect.
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    Standard for lineup selection

    s/o to all the garba dancers picking lineups nowadays
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    Happy Valentine's Day to Illini!!! ❤

    this is the btf i love to see
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    bro i know the drinks at bhangra afterparties are expensive but you need a better way to make your bread homie
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    MBT @ Burgh XII 2018 **3rd Place**

    Honestly this was aiiiggghh, but ill only know you'll go to blowout if I see your audition tape from this year.
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    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    someone get these UK manz their bloody tea and biscuits pls
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    Best bhangra dancers

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    Biggest struggle in bhangra and how you overcame it?

    ngl the hardest thing for me in bhangra is to get to the afterparty on time