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    Traditional dholi/dholi activities in North America?

    I am more than happy to comment on this and I also am looking forward to reading this book about dhol. I would like to understand more about its significance. As someone who is non-punjabi and in the US- my resources were fairly limited at first but I am doing my best to further understand this...
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    How do you rationalize to yourself and others the amount of time you spend on Bhangra?

    Great topic. :) From my experience- Being non-punjabi (south indians represent woot woot)- Bhangra always gives me a lot of excitement and the thing that I like about it is the "escape" as Sahil had mentioned that it gives me from the daily grind. Just this year, I have been through a few...
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    Looking for a DJ for a Wedding Reception in Elmira, NY (August 25th)

    1. Dr Srimix 2. Sidd Kell 3. Gautam Murali- Gtam Good luck. - Dholi Ram
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    Georgia Bhangra Community

    this is awesome ----Atlanta and the surrounding areas are starving for this type of team as I was just in the GA area and saw myself that if this blows up- then this can be big! Best of luck guys and girls! :) - Dholi Ram
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    2017-2018 Competitive Season Review

    Best Collegiate Team: Illini Best All Guys Team: SPD Best All Girls Team: Van City Girls Best US Team: Soormay Best Canadian Team: SPD Best Competition- Bruin Best Stage- Burgh Best Audience- Blowout Comp that needs improvement- MCB Independent all-guys team on the rise next year- RVD...
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    CMU Bhangra 2017-2018 Season

    congrats CMU on your placing at blowout-you def started the show off on a high note. Special shout out goes to Shwetha- it's rare seeing a female dholi in the circuit especially a South Indian at that (represent!!). What I was impressed was that I could hear the dagga sounds from way out in the...
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    India's first differently abled Bhangra team

    It's things like this which makes Bhangra really cool. Not just the lok naach but the stories/adversities that you witness on and off the stage. Had the pleasure to see earlier how VSB handled adversity when a young boy locked his sapp and went off stage @ Blowout--later came back and just...
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    Happy Vaisakhi and .....

    Major props for the remake of the site as well as getting judges who have a legit background in the circuit. apart from this website going live, is this comp open to live teams as well? I know historically y'all haven't been but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks. - Dholi Ram
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    Best comp crowd of the season- that auditorium was PACKED. the noise/energy which we all felt from the audience was incredible esp during VSB's performance- those kids stole the show. as their performance went on- the crowd got crazier and crazier. huge props to the blowout committee pulling...
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    Buckeye Mela XI Predictions and Judges!

    Gemma and Mike with Steve Harvey as the x factor are taking this for sure - Dholi Ram
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    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 11 (2nd Place)

    hype set----remarkable performance after an unfortunate tech-difficulty. Positives - I loved the sapp jumps starting at 1:19 with Kash at the front - Jhummar transition was fun to watch - GT Road was the main main highlight of your set for me (4:44 - 4:48 and 5:08 - 5:10 were hype) - ikko...
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    Sounds like a good panel. s/o to @Varan Rakhra --- def a great choice - Dholi Ram
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    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    1. NJA 2. FCB 3. AEG Dark Horse: UNC - Dholi Ram
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    Boston Bhangra Predictions!!

    1. Apni Sardari Apni Pehchaan 2. KPGD 3. Nachdi Jawani Diyan Mutiyaran Dark Horse: VSB Nishani - Dholi Ram