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    Favorite Judges

    This is so true. Good judges provide actionable feedback. Being told you didn't place because someone fell is completely useless. But feed back on mirza form, or set complexity actually help non-placing teams improve.
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    How to effectively improve stamina on a collegiate team?

    Agree with the comments above especially in terms of dancing slower and really thinking about completing your moves. Spot on! Will add though, its very hard to maintain form if you have a weak core. So we spent every Sunday morning getting together as a team, and running a session working out...
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    Bhangra on the Swan - Expression of Interest - Perth, Australia

    G’day BTF! We are opening up an expression of interest for the first ever competition in Perth, Australia, on the 5th of May 2018. As a former dancer, captain and a current coach, I am personally motivated to give dancers multiple platforms a year to showcase their hard work. Australia has...
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    Running Practices/Synchronicity

    Agree with everything above. Just like to add though, that building your stamina and fitness from the start of the season is equally as important. In an 8 min routine, you wont be able to give the judges form and nakhra if you are struggling to breathe. Advice we took on board from HK and Ram...
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    New Member? Introduce yourself here!

    Name: Rishi Team Affiliation(s): AKSIPS (High School Team - Chandigarh) - 1999 to 2001 Federation of Bhangra (Melbourne) - 2012 to 2015 West Coast Bhangra - Coach (Perth) - 2015 to Present Favorite Artist: Bindrakhia Favorite Song: Ranjha - Bally Jagpal Boliyan - Kulwinder Dhillion Favorite...