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  1. UmerQureshi96

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    Listen I'll be honest, if we had all year to go to train for one comp, we would probably do better too. We choreographed, made formations, and taught our Big10 set as soon as Mela was over. Essentially did that whole thing in 3 weeks and you could make the argument that was one of the best sets...
  2. UmerQureshi96

    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    In reference to this question. Yeah this would be dope, hopefully whatever The Championship of Bhangra turns into this. Other than Bruin, there really hasn't been a consistent comp that allows higher caliber teams to duke it out, Big10 was dope but it was a one-time thing. Usually whenever some...
  3. UmerQureshi96

    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    ...nah, pretty sure the entire international scene does not agree with this
  4. UmerQureshi96

    Dil De Rangeen @ Bhangra in the 6ix 3rd Place

    I am completely unsurprised that your favorite part is a chanjar kick
  5. UmerQureshi96

    Raakhe Virse De (RVD) @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018

    -Intro was cool, I know others might appreciate it more but eh just not my kinda thing - The first 16 beats I'm just seeing messy formations. Green in the back is going down a little late and looks off and then the center people moving into the other formations just aren't moving as a unit...
  6. UmerQureshi96

    Week 3 Matchup 2: DJ MOMO vs. Amundeep | Theme: Hip-Hop/Pop

    DJ 1: the punjabi song matched the vibe of the song so well, introduction into the punjabi song with that soft heyk was great, all around solid DJ 2: as the intro states, super funky vibe was super interesting to listen to, I wish the intro was just a touch slower, I feel like the entire thing...
  7. UmerQureshi96

    Week 3 Matchup 1: Ja$han-a-Ja$han vs. RSD | Theme: Hip-Hop/Pop

    DJ 1: the buttery jazzy vibe from the beginning combined with the notorious jatt intro is a beaut DJ 2: got my head banging, seriously good mixing. Lotta good layers had me vibin the entire time Difficult as hell but gotta give it to DJ 1 for such a unique direction
  8. UmerQureshi96

    Bhangra League

    Sounds like a good idea, but can ya elaborate a bit more on the idea?
  9. UmerQureshi96

    6ix Watch Thread

    PLN Punjabi Lok Naach - Toronto WVD Waris Virse De - Brampton
  10. UmerQureshi96

    Hottest Mix of 2017-2018 Season?

    I don't know if we're limiting it to only team mixes. But if we're not @guranshsingh[/USER] is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  11. UmerQureshi96

    6ix Watch Thread

    Music Placings 1. NJ Waris 2. RQ 3. DDR
  12. UmerQureshi96

    6ix Watch Thread

    1. NJ Waris 2. RVD 3. Royal/DDR For me just depends on how the judges are interpreting the rubric. If they don't ding DDR too much on their mistakes they could place and give them more pts than RQ for creativity it could go their way.
  13. UmerQureshi96

    6ix Watch Thread

    Show Order Music: BDS, ASD, RQ, DDR, RVD, NJWaris Live: RFN, FS, WVD, PLN
  14. UmerQureshi96

    Northwestern Bhangra 2017-2018 Season

    -I honestly wished you just opened with that slick intro with the dudes, the girls showed off that they could dance well at the beginning, but it didn't transition well into that thing y'all did with the guys. Yo red dude you're sexy as hell. Really killed it. Idk I think the intro just fell...
  15. UmerQureshi96

    World Cup 2018

    in what world are the belgians eatin that waffle
  16. UmerQureshi96

    Week 2 Matchup 2: kRRn Mixes vs. Paaji

    DJ 1: really like what you did at 1:11 with that backbeat really solid stuff throughout. DJ 2: I liked that you used some pretty non conventional stuff especially in the second half of the seg. DJ 2