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  1. srikarran

    Virginia School of Bhangra: BBC XV & MCB Jrs. 2018

    Energy throughout this performance was unbelievable. I felt some of the drops were very similar to your set from BBC last year but they still hit for me. Watching this live, our whole team was screaming for the kids on stage. We couldn't get enough of them. THANK YOU SO MUCH for treating your...
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  3. srikarran


    2:59 - 3:59 was my favorite part of this set. The slow pace and simple choreo during the buildups helped set up those drops at 3:12, 3:32 & 3:44 perfectly. Couldn't have done it better. Same goes for the Jatt Anthem part at 5:57 This mix is absolute FIRE! It really enhanced the performance and...
  4. srikarran

    Blacksburg Ki Badmaashi - Application Release

    Couldn't find audition video requirements in your application link. Where can one find this?
  5. srikarran

    Week 5 Wrap Up and Week 6 Callout Thread

    kRRn MiXeS (2) challenges DJ Vig (1)
  6. srikarran

    Gidha/Bhangra teams in Dallas?

    Lone Star Gabroo
  7. srikarran

    *Week 5 Prize for Overall Week's Winner!*

    This is a great prize! Thanks to the mods for organizing the ladder for over a month and coming up with effective solutions and prizes to keep the ladder alive!
  8. srikarran

    Mixing Ladder Week 4 Callout Thread and Week 3 Wrap-up

    kRRn MiXeS (2) challenges RSD (1)
  9. srikarran

    Nachdi Jawani Waris @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 (1st place)

    Jhummar & the reversal in phumaniya were really dope. Nice to see so much creativity in your choreo while still maintaining a folk vibe.
  10. srikarran

    Hottest Mix of 2017-2018 Season?

    VSB Waris @ BBC, BDS @ BBC, Furteelay @ Burgh
  11. srikarran

    6ix Watch Thread

    RVD Jhummar and Jugni drop were hot. Dholi was insane, made me love the performance more.
  12. srikarran

    6ix Watch Thread

    Royal Queens was dope. I think ASD needs to try to stick to one theme in their set. They tried to have a very hype spd nj style shikke and went onto have a few slow segments with some creative choreo, which I enjoyed more than the fast segments.
  13. srikarran

    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

    kRRn MiXeS (5) challenges Saiborg (2)