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    DJ GT - Sidhu Moosewala - Outlaw Remix

    Hey BTF, Please check out my hiphop mashup of Sidhu Moosewala's 'Outlaw' It is a free download on my soundcloud. Please like, comment, share, and repost! Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Varinder Brar - Jatt Life Remix

    Hello BTF, Check out my latest mix below of Varinder Brar's 'Jatt Life'. It is a free download on my soundcloud page. Please like, follow, and repost! Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Russia Mashup

    Hey BTF, Been awhile but check out my mix on soundcloud of Nav Sandhu's 'Russia'. It is a free download. Like, Repost, and share if you like it. Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Sukhi Dholi - Kaur B - Budget Dhol ReFiX

    Hello BTF Friends, Check out my latest dhol mix with the one and only Sukhi Dholi to Kaur B's Budget. Click the link below for a free download and be sure to follow! Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - September 18 - Bhangraton

    Whats up BTF, I made a mashup of urban punjabi and Latin / Raggaeton tracks. Please check it out at the link below and its a free download. thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - June 2018 Podcast

    Umer, Thanks for the info. Will do. Gurjit
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    DJ GT - June 2018 Podcast

    Hey BTF, Check out my June 2018 podcast on soundcloud. It is a free download and be sure to follow! thanks! Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Mixes for February & March 2018

    Hello BTF, Check out my February 2018 Podcast at the link below. It is a free download: Check out my March Mashups Vol. 2 Podcast at the link below. It is also a free download: Thanks and be sure to follow!
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    DJ GT - High End

    Hey BTF, Check out my High End / God's Plan Mashup. It's up for download on my SC. Be Sure to follow! Thanks, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Winter Podcast

    Hey Guys, Check out my latest bhangra/hiphop mashup podcast on Soundcloud/Audiomack/Jamifi. Thanks! Gurjit
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    DJ GT - Mixes for November

    Hello BTF fam, check out my two mixes that I made this month. A bhangra refix of Diljit's El Sueno and a mix of Mankirt Aulakh's Jatt Di Clip! I am featured on the Jamifi app (iPhone), Soundcloud, and Audiomack! Be sure to follow! Thanks! GT
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    DJ GT - July 2017 Summer Podcast

    Hello BTF, Please check out my latest podcast at the link below and be sure to follow me on Soundcloud. Take Care, Gurjit
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    DJ GT - April Bhangra / Hip Hop Podcast +

    Hey Guys, I am a bit late to post this here but check out my April podcast and also my Gurj Sidhu - Backyard ReFix. Add me to Sound cloud I will be posting more and more. Thanks,
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    DJ GT - March Mashups Vol. 1

    Hello BTF! Just in time for March Madness, check out my new bhangra mashup podcast on soundcloud / mixcloud / audiomack! Please listen, Share and follow! More to come!
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    DJ GT - January 2017 Bhangra Podcast Feat. Sukhi Dholi

    Hi Guys, Just posted a new mix! Check it out and the link below. Thanks,
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    Soundcloud DJs?

    Check out my new mix!
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    JK - Baaghi Tera Yaar (Prod by Tru-Skool)

    I thought this track was awesome and JK sounds even better on this one. The music is definitely folk but that's Tru-Skool for you. I expect there to be a nice variety on the upcoming album. The video killed it too.
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    Panga - Epic Bhangra / Bakshi Billa 2016

    Bhangraisepic or Epic Bhangra, I do love this track because I am a fan of your work. I am also a fan of Bakshi Billa and his powerful vocal. The track is in my rotation daily, no doubt. With that being said, the track has an all too familiar sound as most Epic Bhangra tracks do. Maybe that's why...