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    Dil Mangeya Jhummar Sample

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    Rim Vs Jhanjar Sample

    For all inquiries, please email me at
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    Unreleased Team Segments

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    Rim Vs Jhanjar Sample

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    Hey Basim, just seeing this post. I couldn't continue to mix as school and work really picked up and occupied most of my time (in school for physiotherapy). However, things are finally slowing down and I've returned back to producing beats and making bhangra mixes. If anyone would like to work...
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    Bhangra Team Mixing

    Hey guys, I've gotten back to mixing again and would just like to post a snippet of I've been up to lately. If any teams are interested in working with me, please hit me up at Thanks!
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    BCB Practice Mix

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    Elevate Jhummar

    Soundcloud keeps taking it down my music. I'll try to post it again soon!
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    Exam Szn Megamix

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    Elevate Jhummar

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    Shaukeen Baliye Refix

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    Shikkha Segment

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    Thank you, Redux

    Thank you, Jasmeen! It was a pleasure working with you and the rest of the BCB team. Please come again for any mixing needs.
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    Kunda Segment

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    Sardara Segment

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    Majestic Prod. Redux

    Feedback's always welcome and appreciated.
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    Majestic Prod. Redux

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    SGPD Farm Team - Rising Stars

    Edit: Kuldip Manak Segment was from FolkSounds
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    SGPD Farm Team - Rising Stars

    Credits: Sapni - Pabla Mix Kuldip Manak Segment - Jsm
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    Raat di Gedi jhummar