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  1. kman58

    Review: East Coast Showdown 2019

    I’ve heard of sore losers. DCMPAA proves that you can be sore winners too. Let’s address the elephant in the room that I am the judge in question here. We need to acknowledge first and foremost that my colleagues and I were announced as judges for this competition back in September, not a few...
  2. kman58

    Spartan Bhangra @ BBC 2018

    You guys' dancing and talent gets better every year. With that, though, y'all can definitely step up the difficulty of your choreo. As an example, I don't think there was a single point in your sapp segment where you did double clicks for more than 4 beats. I definitely agree with the points...
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  4. kman58

    Virginia School of Bhangra @ MCB Jrs & BBC 2018 Mix

    I'm excited to finally present the culmination of nearly a year's worth of work. I've had a blast with the VSB family putting together these mixes, which I have mashed up into 1 megamix for all to enjoy. Special shoutout to @GSingh for his work on the intro and @TegHans for his work on the...
  5. kman58

    AEG @ Boston Bhangra 2018

    This was a beautiful performance, especially to watch live. I, along with many others, wholeheartedly agreed that this is not only the best performance AEG has done to date (and with the strongest dancers), but also had the most heart. I felt a hunger from this performance, to not just go...
  6. kman58

    Final Week Matchup 3: ns_moose vs. a minhas productions

    DJ 1 lacked some depth of tone in places in the mix with misplaced bass-to-track pairings, but overall ended way better than the one DJ2 made. DJ 2 could’ve benefited from even mixing across the board, including giving enough prominence to the leading song in that part of the concept. General...
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  8. kman58

    Week 2 Matchup 3: DoubleA vs. Amundeep

    Unfortunately my opinion differs from some expressed here in that I didn’t really enjoy either of these mixes. Talk Is Cheap is such a hoootttt Song and has the potential to be made hotter with the right ideas behind it. Fortunately, both mixes had the right ideas but neither executed their...
  9. kman58

    Week 2 Matchup 11: DJ Chet vs. Mogul

    I can see where DJ1 was going but didn’t have the production skills to complete their idea unfortunately. I actually think DJ1’s has really good potential. DJ2 actually used a phumaniya dholki beat which is cool. There was a point before the second drop that the instrumentals sounded out of key...
  10. kman58

    Week 2 Matchup 1: DJ Vig vs. Akash Bansal

    I vote DJ2 DJ1 needs to work on cleaning up their mix a bit. Definitely a full sounding mix but also muddy at many points especially the drop. DJ2 not too much I can complain about , not a huge fan of the sample at the end.
  11. kman58

    Week 2 Matchup 2: kRRn Mixes vs. Paaji

    In the context of a sapp segment, my vote would be DJ 1 for this. Just an overall cleaner, more exciting mix to listen to with the right builds and drops. DJ 1 lacked the creativity of DJ 2. If there were more layered melodies or instrumentals to complement the hype kick/snare, it would’ve sold...
  12. kman58

    Week 2 Matchup 9: DJ MOMO vs. ChaMak

    DJ2’s mix has a lot more potential than DJ1’s, especially with the way everything was layered and built up. The 2 beats before the drop in DJ2 were a bit too fast, and I didn’t like the vocals that come in at the end of it, killed the vibe for me. Otherwise solid job and clean up the layering...
  13. kman58

    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Bhangre De Shokeen will be using HSA Props’ khundey at our next Comp and upon intitial use, we couldn’t be happier. They’re a great size (a bit over 5ft tall), super lightweight, and are great to hold. The entire thing is made from a single piece of bamboo so the hook has no chance of coming...
  14. kman58

    Dhol Recording

    Do you have dry unprocessed versions of these?
  15. kman58

    BDS-Boston: What song is this?

    It’s called “Jahajan Diyan Adiyan” by Kaka Bhaniawala. It’s from a dry vocal sample I have, I think it’s an unreleased track.
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    Bhangre De Shokeen - BBC 2017 and Tashan 2017

    Hello BTF, On behalf of Bhangre De Shokeen, and my co-captains Sukhdev and Bhavin, I am proud to present the videos of our first place performances from both Boston Bhangra Competition 2017 and Tashan 2017. We'd like to congratulate MBT and our VSB brothers for their placings at BBC, as well as...
  18. kman58

    Step-by-Step Video Guide to Making Custom Fumman

    Thank you for this man, it's probably going to help countless people out not to mention save tons of money on shipping them over from India. SUPER CLEAR video, wasn't confusing at any point.
  19. kman58 BDS' mix from NKD 2017 check it out! BDS' mix from NKD 2017 check it out!