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  1. saagarm

    Favorite Judges

    People I think that could be great judges that don't get credit they deserve: Dhir Patwa (FCB) Rishaan Sharma (FCB) Harjot Singh (NJ) Sahil Dadoo (FCB) Akash Bansal (FCB) Sumeet Jindal (FCB) Udgeetha (CMU) Tejasvir Singh Rekhi (FCB not CMU tejas) Ampal Kaur (Alamo City) Lavesh Pritmani (Learn...
  2. saagarm

    qualifications for judging?

    Honestly, if theres resumes, might as well put reference contacts, like cocaptains or managers of teams that could back them up, as a thing that potential judges have to provide. Also one thing that BTF in general could do or just bhangra teams should do, especially with collegiate teams, is...
  3. saagarm

    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ BBC 2018 (1st Place)

    I have watched this set and these dancers a few times now, and honestly the set design is pretty unique. Each competition Nachdi Jawani, all of its teams, finds a way to continuously push the bar to create better and better sets. Huge shoutout to Jaskirat, Anoop and Arman, yall are absolutely...
  4. saagarm

    BU Bhangra @ Boston Bhangra 2018 (3rd Place)

    Really dope set in terms of creativity, could def see the FAUJ esque choreo in there, and really fun to watch. Pretty much all the dancers brought their own josh and really brought the heat which was dope. One thing though, jhoomer had me a little sad. I guess its just a stylistic thing but no...
  5. saagarm

    MBT @ Burgh XII 2018 **3rd Place**

    Yoooo first off congratulations on the placing guys it was definitely well deserved. Probably one of your cleanest performances I have seen save for circle city performance last year. Shoutout to Shawn, Megha and Karan yall were going in the whole time really killed it with nakhra, modhe and...
  6. saagarm

    Spartan Bhangra @ BBC 2018

    So first things first, i really only thought about fcb and the plane that we used a while back when i saw your intro hahaha, probably just a personal thing but thats all i thought about. Also in the intro sways some of your dancers were doing faslaan and some were just on their feet. I think...
  7. saagarm

    Creativity over Cleanliness - Feedback Wanted!

    So I think that there's always this issue where seemingly creativity runs across the board higher than execution. But when it comes down to who actually wins the comp its the team that executes the best even if their set isn't as creative, regardless of how the rubric is laid out. So I feel like...
  8. saagarm

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    So from my standpoint, complex choreo or creative choreo doesn't start from starting your set differently, cause that goes within set design. Creative choreo is using steps in ways that would bring a fresh light to that particular step if that makes any sense. Like those moments you mentioned...
  9. saagarm

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    Hey man, I just wanted to bring up personal thoughts on the subject and not in an attacking way, cause I think everyone on this thread is getting way toooo hype and agitated, and thats from both the US and UK side hahaha. Relatively new to the circuit (2.5 years in) I loved watching Akhile @...
  10. saagarm

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    who commented this, Ram or Umer loooool
  11. saagarm

    Raakhe Virse De (RVD) @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018

    Few things, but first and foremost, this is the best set of 12 dancers, in terms of dancing energy, cleanliness and passion that you guys have brought to a competition in my opinion. 1-12 your dancers were solid as hell. Intro was straight fire. That stuff hit the entire time going into a super...
  12. saagarm

    FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2018

    This set was dope to watch, especially to see everyone going in. Watching Cherag's nakhra, energy and posture is something I'll never get used to, the dude is a beast and embodies having fun while dancing. I really liked that most of your dancers held their own, there wasn't anyone you were...
  13. saagarm

    First Class Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 20th Anniversary

    Kiddhaan BTF, Here is the link to our Bruin Bhangra 20th Anniversary video and mix!! Shoutout to Harjot and his engagement as well as Teg Hans, Dr. Srimix, KashmoneyBansal and Ram Mahaajohpaeoflingham for creating such a hot mix. Jodis: RED – SqUmer Qureshi, Saagpreet Menon BLACK – Azie...
  14. saagarm

    India's first differently abled Bhangra team

    I think with disabilities being so stigmatized and so hidden from the public view - within all communities - having this group of talented and amazing individuals broadcast their love for bhangra/art/dancing, is truly heart warming. Understanding that bhangra is something that brought these...
  15. saagarm

    KPGD at Motor City Bhangra 2018- 3rd Place

    Thanks Siddyp, luv you
  16. saagarm

    Naach Di Cleveland 2018 Application Packet Release!! Naach Di Cleveland Applications are finally out! We are very excited to see all the potential teams and look forward to hosting a great competition on Saturday, February 17, 2018. If you have any...
  17. saagarm

    Naach Di Cleveland

    NDC Board is excited to announce that we will be hosting the 3rd Naach Di Cleveland Competition on Saturday, February 17th, 2018! We hope to see both the Fusion and Bhangra community come together and perform at the greatest city of Cleveland. Applications for the competition will be out very...
  18. saagarm

    First Class Bhangra @ Clutch City Bhangra Competition (2017)--- 1st Place

    Here is the link to our performance at Clutch City Bhangra Competition(2017): Thank you to Deepti, a Clutch City Liaison for recording the video! 4K Video: Credit to Vikram Bahogun Here is the link to the mix: Jodis: Red: Squid Pandit & Saagpreet Menon Yellow: BadGirl Rishaan Sharma &...
  19. saagarm

    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    Best CoEd Team: UNC, solid changes throughout the year to their set, always rotating jodis around. Dope terrible towels gimmick at burgh. Best All Guys Team: SPD, in terms of raw dancing and cleanliness. KPGD, in terms of creativity they always show, Bruin creativity was unreal. Best All Girls...
  20. saagarm

    First Class Bhangra @ BIB X!!

    Disclaimer: What happened on stage was just getting lost in the music and the spirit of what I believe is Bhangra. Umer, my jodi, is literally like a brother to me, a true jodi. FCB is the biggest group of goons I have ever been a part of, loving of everyone. This team does not come to judgments...