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    Sherniyan Di Sarkar @ Raniyaan di Raunaq 2019

    love me a good shimmy, @BradRosenblum can tell you- whoever the blue girl in the front was wrecked that chaal/jugni (judging by the way you dance I'm sure you're well-known, apologize for my ignorance) lots of love to priyanka for out-doing me in this video and on many occasions last year and...
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    DUB: Looking for Vardiyaan

    Hey this is Deepika from capital bhangra, send me a DM and I think I might be able to help. I'm thinking about selling our vardi
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    Capital Bhangra at Maryland Mauj 2019

    Hi BTF! Capital Bhangra is a new independent team based out of Washington, DC. Here's our performance at Maryland Mauj! We had a great time and got lots of great feedback about ways to improve going forward. This is our second competition as a team so we're definitely still learning what our...