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  1. Jasmit Gill

    Mix Feedback

    A great mix! Well rounded and key matched. The clarity is definitely a plus.
  2. Jasmit Gill

    DCMPAA 1st @ RDR 2019

    This mix has been through numerous variations but 6 months later here it is. Feedback would be much appreciated
  3. Jasmit Gill

    Loop request

    just eq and throw a high cut
  4. Jasmit Gill

    2018-2019 Competitive Season Review

    Best Coed Team: MBT / Aston Best All Guys Team: NJFL / DCMPAA Best All Girls Team: OMG/ SDC / NJM Best US Team: DCMPAA Best Canadian Team: NJ Best UK Team: Kings College/ GCC Best Australian Team: BASS Best Mix: Kings TBS 2019 Favorite Female Dancer: Kirat Brar Favorite Male Dancer: Jesse...
  5. Jasmit Gill

    *Searching For Specific (but generic) Sounds*

    Here's what I've been using
  6. Jasmit Gill

    mix intro problem

    Do you mean a intro sher or something?
  7. Jasmit Gill

    OLD PIND ROAD | Punjabi mix

    I was just fcking around and put this together lmao
  8. Jasmit Gill

    List of Tips and Tricks on Making Acapellas Without Instrumentals

    We all know that Punjabi songs have little to none instrumentals open for the public. Here is a thread where DJs could share their tips on making good acapellas for a solid mix. I'm no expert to this but I make my acapellas by: 1. Putting a high pass cutting out the low frequencies sometimes...
  9. Jasmit Gill

    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Jasmit Gill Hit me up on: SoundCloud- Instagram- Jasmit.g Whatsapp and Text: 443-876-5938 Email: About Me: I have been mixing for 2+ years professionally and 1 year as a hobby. Proficient in Ableton...
  10. Jasmit Gill

    DCMPAA 1ST Place Mix @ East Coast Showdown

    Here is my 1st place mix i made. This took a long time mostly because i am fairly new compared to other djs but let me know your thoughts on the mix. This was done in Ableton
  11. Jasmit Gill


    Did you make this live on a board or in a DAW
  12. Jasmit Gill

    Song Help- Mirza, Luddi & Dhammal

    Hey I’d recommend watching bhangra arena bolis or listening to live produced music like boliyan de meenh or Gurman birdis track
  13. Jasmit Gill

    Help!!! Tips on making bhangra mixes :D

    I’d reccomend ableton live 10 for $100 but if you pm me I can make a mix for extremely cheap compared to most mixers without loss of quality
  14. Jasmit Gill

    Looking for algoze loops

    Does anyone have any free algoze loops?? Ive been looking all around and cant find any, Thx
  15. Jasmit Gill

    Looking for this Dhad Loop

    Ive heard this dhad loop in alot of mixes especially jhoomer. Here is an example of what im talking ab starts at around 34 seconds