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  1. srikarran

    Questions Regarding Buying A Dhol

    Contact Kukki Jogi through Facebook. He will able to ship you a dhol, he does this often and it might be cheaper for you to get it shipped to where you will be in India. The downside of travelling with it is checking it in but if you keep it in its packaging or buy a hard case traveling bag for...
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    [MIX] MoB Chicago @ Burgh

    [MIX] MoB Chicago @ Burgh
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    jhoomer dhol loops

    ' i dont think theres anything wrong in sharing this. if we were to apologize, it should be to the people whose music we rip and use as instrumentals lol. check out the intrumental parts in songs like vanjali vaja, jhoomer by teji kahlon, punjabana, resham, nee mai paani
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    Best Mix @ Queen City Bhangra!

    Best Mix @ Queen City Bhangra!
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    Spartan Bhangra @ Queen City Bhangra 2019 [Best Mix]

    Hey BTF, here is Spartan Bhangra's mix from Queen City Bhangra this weekend. Feedback is appreciated.
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    can anyone link me some good hekhs because I can't find any

    off the top of my head: Jatt Da lalkara - gurj sidhu Putt Jattan De 24 25 26 - rajvir jawanda Kacheri - surjit khan
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    Check out Manvir Hothi on Youtube

    Check out Manvir Hothi on Youtube
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    Loop request

    You can cut it from this
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    Baljit Malwa Jhummar Segment

    Check out my take on Baljit Malwa's Punjabana. Like and follow on SoundCloud for more music from me! I also want to shout out the recent increased activity in the mixing forum that helps out anyone new to mixing and also help support the growing number of music mixers and producers in our...
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    unreleased tapes - kRRn MiXeS

    Put together a bunch of segments from this past year into a mix.
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    Old Vardi

    I'm sure there are a bunch of teams, new ones especially, who would want to use your old vardi. I'd suggest trying your best to hold on to them and making a post on BTF and DDN looking for new owners in the meantime. Spartan Bhangra has done this a couple times and we usually only end up holding...
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    Norcal Naujawan @ West Coast Bhangra 2019 MIX

    Ending segment especially is 🔥
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    Sound Effect Help !!

    thank you sir for this gift! been looking for a better sample of that.
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    Sound Effect Help !!

    Sample it from the start of this song:
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  17. srikarran

    Mukhada - Epic Bhangra ft. Kaka Bhaniawala (kRRn MiXeS)

    Made this for Spartan Bhangra's luddi segment at ADZ 2019! I had a lot of fun making this segment and wanted to share it separately.
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