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    Redux x Luminous Bhangra Mix

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    Dil Mangeya Jhummar Sample

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    Unreleased Team Segments

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    Rim Vs Jhanjar Sample

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    Bhangra Team Mixing

    Hey guys, I've gotten back to mixing again and would just like to post a snippet of I've been up to lately. If any teams are interested in working with me, please hit me up at Thanks!
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    BCB Practice Mix

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    Exam Szn Megamix

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    Elevate Jhummar

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    Shaukeen Baliye Refix

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    Shikkha Segment

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    Kunda Segment

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    Sardara Segment

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    Majestic Prod. Redux

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    SGPD Farm Team - Rising Stars

    Credits: Sapni - Pabla Mix Kuldip Manak Segment - Jsm
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    Raat di Gedi jhummar

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    Dhola - Pappi Gill [Sample]

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    Candle light remix

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    Daang - Mankirt Aulkah [Refix]

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    Bhangra Dynasty Mix

    Apologies for the transitions, had to put together the samples I made together in about 5 mins.