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  1. Basim

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 2

    My vote: DJ 2 - I enjoyed your intro and your mix overall, but be careful, it got pretty messy from 0:54 onwards imho. A lot of good feedback given by others, so make note of it and improve your craft, otherwise you may not make it past future rounds. ~ Basim :)
  2. Basim

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 4

    My vote: DJ 1 - as other mentioned, this just fit the saap segment theme better than DJ 2's mix. ~ Basim :)
  3. Basim

    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 4

    My vote: DJ 2 This was tough because DJ 1 was very creative and EQing was better. I loved the deep bass notes and small things llike the pitch shift with the vocals at 0:53 - but the mix didn't fit the theme of the week as well as DJ 2. If this was just an average week without a theme, I would...
  4. Basim

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 5

    My vote: DJ 1 - definitely fit the theme for the week (saap segment) better. Great work. ~ Basim :)
  5. Basim

    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 3

    My vote: DJ 3 - dam, that was fire! Absolutely loved how at 0:39, you used the sound clip with the dhad effect in the background, then shifted the pace of the track to a slower pace for little over 10 second, followed by gradually bringing the fast paced sound back. It was done so well. If you...
  6. Basim

    Duniya De Rang 2019-2020 Season Videos

    @angeblah - your post is missing the videos! I see that you linked them, but I think this is a copy-paste from Facebook, hence why the YouTube videos/SoundCloud didn't auto embed. ~ Basim :)
  7. Basim

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 5 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 1 My thoughts echo what @Aspreet Saini said - that intro by DJ 1 was hot, but the mix fell apart later on for me. ~ Basim :)
  8. Basim

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 8 (Voting Closed)

    Dam, both DJ's really brought it. My vote: DJ 1 DJ 1 - creativity to a whole new level and the execution was so good. DJ 2's throwback to Atif Aslam's Tera Hona Laga Hoon was so clean and that tempo matching was really nice done. Great incorporation of a different song; I just feel a lot more...
  9. Basim

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 7 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 2 - really enjoyed where you took the song. Good creativity shown. Bewafa incorporation and beat matching were spot on. As mentioned by others, vocals shined through better than DJ 1.
  10. Basim

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 5 (Voting Closed)

    My vote: DJ 2 Both mixes were unique, but I liked the creativity shown by DJ 2 a bit more.