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    Looking for two mixes

    Anyone have any hot mixes of Sharry Mann's Chandigarh waliye and Mehtab Virk's Mashook?
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    We doin it this year or what?
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    Slaughterhouse mixtape?????

    Anybody got the mixtape or a link to it?
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    Mosque arson

    I'm sure many of you, if not all of you already know about the fire to the masjid in Joplin. I was wondering if any news or updates have come from this tragic incident. And being ramadan, I hope the families can find a masjid nearby while the muslim community looks towards the future to rebuild...
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    BTF Fantasy Football

    40 days til the season starts. We playing this year or what? I prefer to stick to ESPN. I like it better than yahoo. Sulmoney, I know you're probably a busy man. Still planning on taking the helm none the less?
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    Indian Dramas/Soaps by Jus Reign

    If this is a repost, mods, please merge. Indian Dramas EXPOSED
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    Internet in the 90's

    Who remembers this? Remember When: Dial Up Internet
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    Higher Taxes for the 1 percent? Warren Buffet has gained many backers for his Buffet Rule Initiative. And by default may just have helped Barack Obama jump back into the oval office for another 4 years, especially having this type of money...
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    The Lottery KRAZE

    Here's a video I personally think everyone should look into, especially if you are taking a shot at the lottery, just gives you an insight on situations that occur after winning an enormous jackpot...
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    NFL Free Agency

    We all know whats going on with Peyton. But what about the other guys. Mario Williams, Matt flynn, mike wallace, etc. Brandon Marshall just got traded to Chicago for 2 picks. A healthy Matt Forte and Jay Cutler, and now a legit receiver. The NFC North is loading up. Gonna make for a tough...
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    RIP Whitney Bobby Brown really fucked with her life.
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    YouTube on XBOX

    Officially the best way to watch bhangra performances. I've gone bhangra mad.
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    More LA news

    Albert Pujols is now an Anaheim Angel. WTF.
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    Bhinda Aujla- Duniya Draamey Baazi

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    2015 mindset list This article/list is pretty cool. Anyone have college freshmen brothers and/or sisters? Edit: You can also look at the years you graduated or are set to graduate to the left.
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    Happy Birthday God

    aka Arjun Barua ;)
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    Entourage-The Final Season

    I'm sure by now everyone has seen the last first episode of Entourage. What did you think? What are you expecting from this season? Think Vince folds? Totally feelin bad for Ari. Closing music, 'Til I Collapse, awesome way to end the first episode.
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    Bakshi Bila-Mela?????

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    North Carolina state taxes at work...
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    Billo Nach Nach Ke

    New Geeta Zaildar track. [E3UK Records & Kudos Music] Dj H feat. Geeta Zaildar 'Billo Nach Nach Ke' Advert