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    Punjab - Gurdas maan

    8 million views in 5 days!
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    Competition Listings Calendar

    I let the renewal slip a while back. Not sure if I'll be able to reclaim it. The new link is
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    Bhangra Fever VII

    Can't wait 8) The after party is always a blast.
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    Ladder dead...

    haha, glad to see this is up and running.
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    Introducing: Urban Bhangra Collective (Scotland Bhangra)

    Good luck, Ashwin! Keep up the great work brotha 8)
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    **♫♪ Shaan Mutiyaaran Di (SMD) 2014-2015 MIX♫♪**

    Definitely one of the best mixes of the season. I think it's by Jaspinder Narula.
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    2014-2015 Bhangra season recap: Your opinions

    1.) University of Birmingham @ The Bhangra Showdown 2015 2.) Bhangra Fever, Pao Bhangra, World's Best Bhangra Crew - the three comps that will be marked on my calender ever year. 3.) Shaan Mutiyaaran Di 4.) Joshiley Jawan, Furteelay Shokeen 5.) Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Club @ The Bhangra...
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    Bhangra At The Falls - Placings

    Re: Bhangra At The Falls - Official Lineup Woah, didn't notice that upon first glance. That's history in the making.
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    Song help

    Sardari - Nachhattar Gill
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    2014-2015 Bhangra season recap: Your opinions

    5.) Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Club @ The Bhangra Competition 2014
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    step names

    Sir Khadve - KS Makhan
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    Top 5 Mixes of the 2014-2015 Season

    KCL@TBS 2015 is in my top 10. Also, UoL/DMU@TBS! UK teams had some great mixes this season. Or maybe I'm just paying a little more attention to the UK scene ;)
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    Top 5 Mixes of the 2014-2015 Season

    What are your top 5? My top 5: 1.) DC Bhangra Crew @ Elite 8 2015 2.) University of Birmingham @ The Bhangra Showdown 2015 3.) Josh Valaithian Da @ WBBC 2015 4.) Shaan Mutiyaaran Di @ Bhangra Fever 6 5.) CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015
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    Vancouver International Butter Chicken

    Vancouver International Butter Chicken
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    Skit help?

    ~1:30 Ghaint Jatti - Harsimran
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    What Bruin Bhangra XVII team are you?

    Ministry of Bhangra
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    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place

    Congrats on the win! Shout-out to Navi for doing a great job with the team and especially the younger guys.
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    haha without the vocals, this is a real challenge. I think the track at 0:35 is Naag 2 by Jazzy B, but I'm not sure. I recognize the track at 1:12 from the intro of DRP's Bhangra Fever 4 mix. I've heard 0:35 and 2:35 so many times, can't identify the songs though :/
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    Gurteg, of Fauj/BU, did something kind of amazing

    That's awesome. Gurteg is the man.
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    Hope this helps! (haha sorry, this question gets posted to BTF all the time) If you're looking to purchase used vardiyan, reach out to teams in your area. They might be selling old sets or might know of someone who is.