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    Bhangra Set Structure Survey

    Lol the 5 people that use this site
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    Boston Bhangra Competition 2020 - Online

    Live stream it on twitch so you can have people donate money to teams and/or organizers. Even as much as a dollar goes a long way when added. great idea; this is the future of comps.
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    Black Lives Matter Fundraiser

    Eggcellent indeed
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    Black Lives Matter Fundraiser

    I egged a police car today
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    Advice on improving my Bhangra?

    Great idea, all dancers now have to dance with a robot head. Really mostly ignored everything you did and focused solely on your robot head.
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    Safe for competitions to return?

    And as for health issue, sooner or later things going to have to go back to normal and people will need to just understand the risks before doing something. You cannot refrain and/or stop someone from doing a particular task or keeping them forever indoors. If People Want to do Bhangra, let them...
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    Safe for competitions to return?

    Bhangra competitions weren’t making much revenue before, so it’s not like COVID 19 is going to make a huge difference in that aspect. streaming competitions like I mentioned above is actually more cost effective, cuz teams can essentially go anywhere and make their on venue/set and put in their...
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    Safe for competitions to return?

    Sports leagues in US have talked returning in June to August. NBA, for example, has talked hosting a site in Florida for the remainder of the season. Is it safer now to host a comp given that professional sports leagues are coming back? Dont have to have an audience given the health issues; it...
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    Looking for Sapps/Chikke

    Hardeep makes those killer saaps from scratch. Would reach out to him if you haven’t.
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    The Bhangra Podcast Ep 32 - Mailbag #2

    Your funny guy. First your ask why is everyone so soft, then you ask how do we foster kindness. You are truly exceptional.
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    Quarantine Dance Challenge

    Nice you should do the video dance challenge to possibly get $100
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    Dope. Good way to earn quick cash, should be more of these
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    Sick mix and good improvement; a little EQ needed as to the singer but overall it’s good.
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    Novel Respirator Design for 3D Printing

    Thanks for your hard work; can I repost this on my Reddit thread? Just to expand the idea.
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    Consider buying bitcoin..bitcoin halving about to occur. Price going to spike long term.

    Consider buying bitcoin..bitcoin halving about to occur. Price going to spike long term.
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    31 - Mailbag #1

    well moving to the FB group I think would be helpful; it has more options and tools useful for these types of groups. Someone before said they didn’t want to lose out on all the topics but I think you can transfer those over to FB and make tabs or some shit. As for banning “trolls” whether that...
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    can we use this site more

    Make a GoFundMe account, and blast the link on gtv videos.
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    can we use this site more

    why not link both sites together. Sometimes when I want to see a video on here, or hear a soundcloud link it doesn’t work. However, when I click the same links through Facebook they work. Also, if we are going to keep this site we should expand the site to incorporate other Punjabi strengths...
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    can we use this site more

    Why not get rid of this site, and make everyone go in Facebook
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    can we use this site more

    but don’t you want more replies? Isn’t that the point? To get more traction on this site? Also, can BTF please stop banning me.