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  1. HdBrar

    The Renaissance - Sikh Art Documentary

  2. HdBrar

    Looking for Sapps/Chikke

    Looking for some sapps/chikke. Send me a PM for more info. Let me know what you have and for how much, as well. Thank you!
  3. HdBrar

    BBC Four "Contagion" Documentary (2018)

  4. HdBrar

    The Bhangra Showdown 2020 Placings

    1. Aston University 2. Leicester and Warwick 3. King's College London
  5. HdBrar

    Aston University @ TBS 2020 | First Place
  6. HdBrar

    ADZ 2020 Placings

    1) MOB Chicago 2) NW Bhangra 3) Spartan Bhangra
  7. HdBrar

    Buckeye Mela 13 Livestream?

    If anyone has/gets a live stream link to the show, please post it here. Thanks!
  8. HdBrar

    Buckeye Mela 13 (XIII) Prediction?
  9. HdBrar

    BTF Mixing Ladder Season 5?

    Let's get this party started, shall we?
  10. HdBrar

    Bhangra Blowout 26 Predictions

  11. HdBrar

    Bhangra Fever X Predictions

  12. HdBrar

    Miami Bhangra Teams?

    Anyone know of any teams in the Greater Miami, Florida area?
  13. HdBrar

    "Captain Bhangra" by VanCity

  14. HdBrar

    BTF iPhone/Android App?

    Just trying to gauge the BTF community and see where people stand at this point to having more BTF in their lives. Was also curious if someone would be willing to lead the charge and bring this into production.
  15. HdBrar

    Got any 1 minute samplers?

    Anyone got any fire 1 minute sampler links? Trying to mess around a lil' bit with some good ol' choreo.
  16. HdBrar

    Hottest Mix of 2017-2018 Season?

    Fire away