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    New Member? Introduce yourself here!

    Name: Lee-John Fernandes Team Affiliation: Never been on a team, but always enjoyed watching competitions! Favorite Artist: Fateh, Bohemia, Sidhu, Karan, Rameet, Baani Sandhu, RDB Favorite Song: Too many Favorite Competition: Got my SJSU pride, but always enjoyed UC Davis shows Favorite Food...
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    UK Bhangra | Punjabi | South Asian Music Scene

    Anyone else into the UK Bhangra and UK Punjabi Music scene? Check out Bobby Friction, he's been DJing radio shows on the BBC Asian Network (South Asian) for years, featuring Bhangra, Punjabi Rap, Punjabi Hip-Hop from the UK and all over the world. Just today he featured a 3-hour set of South...