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  1. Basim

    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    Below are the mixes for Bracket A - Matchup 1 in the mixing ladder! Please vote for your favorite mix below. Feedback is also welcome, and encouraged! Voting closes on Thursday, June 18th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to valid BTF accounts. Newly made accounts will be...
  2. Basim

    India-Pakistan Conflict Escalates

    For those that aren't familiar: It's a scary situation. After not having a chance to visit her home country for nine years, my mother actually was in route to the capital city of Islamabad, Pakistan just...
  3. Basim

    *Week 5 Prize for Overall Week's Winner!*

    In collaboration with @thebhangrapodcast, we are very excited to announce a special episode that will feature BTF's Mixing Ladder with an exclusive interview with Week 5's overall winner! The winner will be selected by creating a mix that defeats their opponent in their respective one-on-one...
  4. Basim

    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

    Thank you to BTF users for taking the time to cast votes and provide feedback! We did not receive as many completed mixes this past week, so we strongly encourage all DJ's participating to commit the time to mix or message a mixing mod to be removed from the ladder - it's not fair to your...
  5. Basim

    Lok Nach Bhangra Documentary

    Just wanted to take a moment to throw up this short (6 min) documentary that's worth a watch. It includes lot of great footage from Punjabi bhangra performers that's well edited & has subtitles for non-Punjabi speakers! A lot of great fundamentals mentioned here. Thanks to my friend @Arjun...
  6. Basim

    List of Bhangra Vendors (Instruments, Props, Outfits, etc)

    Hi all, Since many individuals come to BTF seeking this information, I feel it's about time we had a pinned topic on a list of bhangra vendors that people had experience using (buying/renting stuff from) or at least have the vendor contact information for. If you're someone that knows of any...
  7. Basim

    Week 5 Match Ups

    Match Ups this week: DJ Preet vs KSM [Song: Canon - OVERWERK] ICM Ent vs Double A [Song: DJ Sona Concussive (Bassnectar x Renholder) - League of Legends] XI Music vs HsK [Song: Gry - What I Wanna Be ft. Maskerade, Jordz The Jay] YGR Ent vs HS [Song: Kozah - Unleash (feat...
  8. Basim

    Watch out Australia.. Hong Kong is next! :D

    Hi friends, I had came across this on fb the other day, but got too busy to post. Introducing "Funjabi Bhangra Hong Kong (HK)" UK.. Australia.. SE Asia scene to explode next? Who knows?? lol. ~ Basim :)
  9. Basim

    Pagg Malfunction Issue at Bhangra Blowout 2015 [From Shoutbox]

    Even though this is a pain to do, I'm posting the relevant posts from the shoutbox in chronological order for those that missed the initial posts/wanted to read them. Please continue this discussion here :) In the future, let's try to discuss such topics on the forum so that others who don't...
  10. Basim

    My official hero

    My official hero: Garoto de 8 anos no India's Got Talent é incrível Alternate link incase the one above goes down: Feel free to share if you agree with this sentiment ;) haha. ~ Basim :)
  11. Basim

    Vote for your favorite Mixing Ladder DJ's from Week 6 to air on Radio Asia!

    ** Please take a few moments to listen to the mixes posted below and select the top 3 mixes in the poll. The winners of this poll will be featured on Trisha Arora's "Bhangra Beats" show which airs on Radio Asia 103.3 FM & 103.9 FM throughout New Jersey & Staten Island, New York. More information...
  12. Basim

    Bhangra Empire's Power Hour to feature Karan Deol, DJ Preet, and Swizzee!

    Bhangra Empire's Power Hour As some of you may or may not know, Bhangra Empire has started its very own Bhangra Empire Radio Power Hour show. This internet radio show is played weekly, with brand new shows airing every Saturday at 12pm (PST). More information can be found here at this link...
  13. Basim

    BTF Mixing Ladder - Song Suggestions

    I didn't want to clutter up the other topics/threads with just a list of song suggestions, so I thought this topic could be a central place to receive suggestions on songs that people on BTF want to hear remixed. If you're suggesting only a few songs and the songs aren't in the Media Center...
  14. Basim

    Super Chittar - Danish Ali Quite funny! ~ Basim :)
  15. Basim

    Burrraahh Punjabi Movie - Theatrical Trailer 2012 (Official First Look)

    Burrraahh Punjabi Movie - Theatrical Trailer 2012 (Official First Look) Finally a Punjabi movie based on Bhangra! Looks sickkk! ~ Basim :)
  16. Basim

    New Bhangra World Record 2,552 People

    New Bhangra World Record 2,552 (CLIP) Pretty amazing if you ask me, ~ Basim :)
  17. Basim

    Bhangra Empire @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 GTV

    Bhangra Empire @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 1st Place performance at Bruin Bhangra 2012. Posted with team's permission. Special thanks to GTV for once again providing such amazing video quality. Watch it in 1080p to get the full affect. Enjoy! ~ Basim :)
  18. Basim

    Teri Pan da Rishta [TRAILER]

    Teri Pan da Rishta - TRAILER I see some familiar faces... funny stuff guys! Keep it up. ~ Basim :)
  19. Basim

    Bhangra Empire goes INTERNATIONAL!

    So Bhangra Empire has done a lot of "big" things in terms of recognition on a national level. Now they are crossing larger bodies of water and taking their routine to the INTERNATIONAL platform. Bhangra Empire - Special Announcement - 2012 This type of exposure for newcomers to Bhangra is...
  20. Basim

    Xtreme Xmas Bhangra. Santa's Challenge

    Xtreme Bhangra SANTA DOING BHANGRA! MUST WATCH THIS!! Hear the jingle and watch Santa come out at 3:04 ;D Ranjit is too funny. Enjoy! Happy holidays everyone, ~ Basim :)