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  1. bhamra beatz

    English vocal phrase fillers in bhangra mixes

    Can you guys mention some most commonly used English phrases in bhangra mixes... I don't listen to that much English songs that's why I'm asking for your favor........appreciate if you could mention some
  2. bhamra beatz

    Help me with Bhangra Segments

    Hey guyz, can you guyz help me with the segments in bhangra. I recently get to know about saap/shikka segments. I am not that aware of the segments. I basically remix songs and make beats. I want to know all the segments available in bhangra. and if possible please mentions an example like any...
  3. bhamra beatz

    Tried Bhangra Mix

    Not that good in Bhangra Mixes, Feedback would be really appreciated bcoz you guyz could help me out in my lacking sections
  4. bhamra beatz

    chit kre ho ja saadni