1. V

    what dhol or Loop used by desi crew in this ?

    I want to know the exact dhol loop because it sounds different from available dhol loops (Jordan Sandhu : MASHOOR HO GIYA) Thank you :)
  2. VFolk Roots Bhangra

    Vancouver Folk Roots Bhangra @ Boston Bhangra 2019 (Third Place)

    Here is the full video for our performance at Boston Bhangra 2019. The boys brought home 3rd place and Best Jori (Red Jori). Hope you enjoy! Comment and let us know what you think 🙂 Joriyan: Red- Arvin Pooni/Jaskamal Grewal Blue- Manveer Dhesi/GBX Yellow- Jazzy Dhindsa/Harman Sidhu Pink- Mikey...
  3. A

    Questions Regarding Buying A Dhol

    Hi, I'm on a bhangra team in Texas and I'm interested in buying a dhol both for bhangra and for college parties/performances. I was wondering as to where and how to purchase one. While I'm going to Delhi/Amritsar/Hyderabad in a few weeks, I'm not sure whether the hassle of shipping/trying to...
  4. N

    Nachdi Jawani Warriors - 1st Place Flower City Bhangra 2019

    Balcony View Side View Front View
  5. S

    Where to buy a pro quality DHOL in Punjab/Delhi

    Dear all, I will be in Punjab next week. I will be around the following areas - Amritsar - Nakodar - Ludhiana - Jallandhar - Delhi Maybe Chandigarh. Any recommendations for a place/shop to buy a good quality dhol? I've seen Raj musicals in delhi but they look a bit like a rip off and...
  6. Dj Juggy

    KANGNA | The Summer Remix | Bhangra Version (Prod. By Dj Juggy)

    Let me know your thoughts, something I produced for this summer. Had to bring one of my favourite songs back to life, if anyone is interested in the Kangna acapella DM me. Thanks
  7. V

    Looking for Dhol Sellers!

    I'm looking to buy a dhol. Is anyone selling or know of someone selling in the PA/NJ area? My price range is $300-350. Thanks! .
  8. srikarran

    Issa Jatt (Dhol Mix) - kRRn

  9. A

    Help on chonkri beat

    Hello guys, I ve just started playing dhol and am self learning. I am having trouble figuring bols of the chonkri beat. Can anyone help me with it. Here's a youtube link to the beat Thanks in advance
  10. R

    Raju Johal - InWords

    Raju Johal is a bhangra og and now is back with his brand new ep. So proud to see my boy back in action. Give him some love! You can listen to it on www.soundcloud.com/hothotjalebis I believe it's available on all major platforms. Rayman Bhuller "RAJU JOHAL: In Words InWords weaves...
  11. N

    Dhol beats on Movie Songs

    Hi, I would like to learn to play Dhol on Hindi movie songs such as Rang De Basanti title track, Dangal title track etc. Are there any videos or websites out there using which I can learn to play dhol on movie songs? Thanks in advance,
  12. gdholi7

    BSM 4 review

    Before I go any further, my review does not represent any team or group. This is my personal opinion. Mixer: the venue was at the hotel which was super clutch. Typical games and line up selection, nothing more than that. Tech time: it was slightly delayed but 20 mins which isn’t bad compared...