ABC @ Boston Bhangra XV, 2nd Place


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Below is our video from Boston Bhangra XV over the weekend! A huge thank you goes out to the BBC committee for being so hospitable, despite all we went through to get to Boston in the nick of time. Also, a big shout out goes to NJFL for raising the bar again, with an inspiring performance that our squad was able to catch live. Congrats to BU as well on their placing, and all of the awesome teams that we were able to share the BBC stage with. This being our first time in the East Coast, it was so nice to compete against teams we do not normally get to see on the regular. Everyone brought it at such a high level, as you will see in the coming videos from all teams. Bhangra Theory, Spartan Bhangra, and DCMPAA were also some of our favorite performances of the night! Please feel free to leave any positive or negative feedback regarding this performance, as our young team is looking to improve in any way possible.

Red Jodi: Isher Hans, Navtej Hans
Blue Jodi: Arjun Cheema, Sahil Pannu
Green Jodi: Prabh Sandhu, Jeevan Uppal
Black Jodi: Jaskaran Saini, Navi Singh
Yellow Jodi: Josh Sidhu, Jaipreet Gill
Purple Jodi: Harsimran Singh, Armaan Singh
Dholi: Jagmeet Deol

Mix: Dj Sunlite, Dj Tej, PablaMix (Mix being posted soon :p)



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This was an awesome performance and routine - I imagine it must've been a tough call for 1st between you all and NJFL.
The routine was really fun, dynamic, and played to your guys' strengths. I think moving forward, it would be great to see more standardized posture from dancers 1-12 throughout the routine and some more emphasis on grace. Otherwise, congrats and keep it up ABC :)