Bhangra City: Folk With An Edge 2019 Placings


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We would like to thank each and every person who was a part of Bhangra City, the turnout was more than we imagined!

Congratulations to our placing teams!
1st Place- BC Cultural GIrls
2nd Place- ABC Unicorns

1st Place - Apna Bhangra Crew
2nd Place- Folk Roots Bhangra
3rd Place Mehak Punjab Di
Our goal was to provide a platform for our current and upcoming Bhangra community, to give our youth an opportunity to come together and compete, and to simply support the Bhangra community. Thank you to all the teams who chose to compete at Bhangra City, to the community who came out to show their support, our sponsors, and our friends and families for supporting us through the months of prep and the show weekend. We are grateful and humbled by each and every one of you.

Bhangra City was the first time our committee planned and hosted an event and have learned so much throughout the process. Despite the supportive and positive messages we have been receiving, we know there is always room for improvement and hope to hear feedback from you all on how we may better Bhangra City.


Had a lot of fun at this competition this past weekend! Didn’t feel like this was a 1st year comp at all, everything was well organized, great panel of credible judges, so shoutout to the committee and everyone who helped make it a success.
Also teams looking for a good time and wanting to enjoy beautiful Vancouver, this competition should be on your list!!