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  1. Jaspinder S Ratth

    Jaspinder S Ratth New Member

    Hey BTF,

    Just a reminder that Late application deadline is a little over a week away!! This will be the absolute last chance to apply to Bhangra Fever VIII. Get your applications in before it’s too late!!!!

    To those that have already applied, lineups will be announced about a week after late application deadline closes!

    Late Application : December 8, 2017 ($125)

    Bhangra Fever VIII will held February 10, 2018 @ Osterhout Theatre, Binghamton University, NY.

    1st Place : $1,500
    2nd Place : $800
    3rd Place : $500
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  2. Jaspinder S Ratth

    Jaspinder S Ratth New Member

    Hey BTF!,

    Just a reminder, this Friday December 8, 2018 is the LAST DAY to apply for Bhangra Fever VIII. No applications will be accepted after this date. Get your apps in before its too late!!!!!!

    Application link is provided in the post above.

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