Bhangra Idols(Reps.) VS. Sheraton Wall Centre-Vancouver, B.C.-Human Rights Case

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    To the Bhangra Community,

    Re: Bhangra Idols(Reps.) VS. Sheraton Wall Centre-Vancouver, B.C.-BC Human Rights Case

    In September of 2008, the representatives for Bhangra Idols tried to book rooms at the above stated hotel, but they were denied the booking due to them having "Bhangra" in their brand name. Sheraton's explanation was that they previously had problems with a group with the same name "Bhangra" in it, and they have policy that states they cannot accept any groups with the name "Bhangra" in it. So, a Bhangra Idols representative asked for this policy, but was not provided one. Therefore the representatives filed a BC Human Rights Case against Sheraton Wall Centre particular to the following code:

    Discrimination in accommodation, service and facility

    8 (1) A person must not, without a bona fide and reasonable justification,

    (a) deny to a person or class of persons any accommodation, service or facility customarily available to the public, or

    (b) discriminate against a person or class of persons regarding any accommodation, service, or facility customarily available to the public because of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or age of that person or class of persons.

    The Bhangra Idols legal team established that- participants in "Bhangra" are associated, overwhelmingly, with Punjab, therefore a protected group under the code.

    The final decision after the incident (on September 16th 2008, and then a long litigation) came in today, by the BC Human Rights Tribunal Member:

    "...having found the complaint justified, I must order the respondent (Sheraton) to "cease the contravention and refrain from committing the same or a similar one", and I so order."

    "I may make a declaratory order that the conduct complained of is discrimination contrary to the Code, and I so order"

    Please log onto the following link:

    Thank You


    Bhangra Idols Admin.

  2. GSingh

    GSingh Well-Known Member

    Wow, can't believe I read all that.

    But congrats!
  3. ranjit singh

    ranjit singh New Member

    big ups to Canada
  4. footballforlife

    footballforlife Don't let the name fool you.

    Respect for fighting for your rights. +1
  5. Manjot

    Manjot Active Member

    sick !
  6. Ashveer

    Ashveer New Member

    This is really great.
  7. Jungly_Jatt

    Jungly_Jatt Straight The Folk Up

    Can't Fuck with Idols :)
  8. AnkurK

    AnkurK Member

    yeah C1 !!
  9. faizan

    faizan Just shut up and dance

    declaratory judgment? where's the punitive damages!
  10. HarmanSingh

    HarmanSingh New Member

    Good for Idols.

    But this will keep happening so long as teams go to competitions and act like uncivilized animals. The stuff you see is sickening, and I am sympathetic to the people who work at the hotel and have to deal with BS from teams.
  11. sartajjudge

    sartajjudge New Member

    This is great for Idols, but unless teams stop their wild behavior and fuck up hotels and act rowdy, things like this will continue to happen.
    I feel that whenever people hear the word "hotel", often they think it's a free pass to go crazy, but hotel's have to pay to fix their damaged properties, so they're just looking out for their business.
  12. Pooja

    Pooja I put the double o in cool.


    Awesome for Idols and great that you all went through with the case - but isn't it sad that all these competitions even have to go through this?
  13. Jdosanjh

    Jdosanjh [AVA Girls]

    wow ! that's amazing ! :D
  14. Bharathi

    Bharathi Member

    This has been a long, painful, drawn-out set of unfortunate circumstances for the Idols committee and on it's successful conclusion I congratulate you! It's Raj's perseverance that got them this far, Raj Sangha FTW!

    Having said that, I agree with the above posters that hotels are also trying to run a business and often the teams are not the sole guests. If teams cannot behave themselves and act like adults (or at least, not act like little kids) Idols would not have found themselves in this situation in the first place.
  15. J Hayer

    J Hayer Member

    Agreed -- hotels/people will start to (or continue) to associate bhangra/punjabi culture with all that the Sheraton had unless teams/team captains/competitions make a proactive effort to remain a little more disciplined. competitions are supposed to be fun, but we forget we're not representing our culture on the stage, we represent it everyday in a world that loves to typecast (ourselves included).

    mad props to Idols for pursuing this! I just think there's only so many lawsuits so many comps will be able to file. my 2 cents...

  16. AnkurK

    AnkurK Member

    LOL @ whoever felt the need to urinate on a carpet at VIBC
  17. sumeetj

    sumeetj Active Member

    Raj Sangha invented water.
  18. AmyDee

    AmyDee New Member


    Raj has always been there for his teams, community and friends. Im so glad to see this! Congrats Raj!
  19. sumeetj

    sumeetj Active Member

    Raj Sangha lost his virginity before his father.

    (i do not mean this in a disrespectful or dirty manner at all, Rab di kasam. i just think its hillarious.)
  20. Ranvir

    Ranvir Member

    First of all I want to say congrats to Raj and the entire Bhangra Idols Crew. I know this has been a long and costly battle for you guys but the fact that you came out on top and did exactly what you set out to do makes it worth it! I agree with everyone saying that this will continue to happen if the teams don't clean up their acts but with this step Idols is setting an example to everyone. Raj and Bhangra Idols will fight for their teams and the community.
    Anybody that plans on participating at Idols knows that the registration packet gets bigger and bigger each year and that is to prevent teams from doing dumb stuff. If any other competition wants to take anything from Idols it should be the fact that teams can lose points at anytime from the registration stages until the after the competition. Highly suggest this to be implied into future competitions because it allows for a more professional environment throughout the weekend.

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