Bhangra Judging system.Should it be changed?


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Ok so as we all know that BHANGRA is always being judged by the seniors,professionals,advanced,experienced bhangra dancers of all time but has anyone thought of the thing that should there be any reformation or change in this judging stuff?
First of all think that the BHANGRA TEAMS perform for whom? It is WE , OURSELVES, the bhangra family, for whom the teams do a lot of practice to showcase the culture and get ourselves enjoyed.So it should be in our hands to decide which team should be at which place nor in the hands of few bench of judges.
A voting system should be introduced to decide which team should be placed first and for that Harjot hundal sir or few others should post the video of all performances first and after few days of posting all the videos of a respective competition and having proper views there should be a proper website in which the bhangra family will caste their votes.This will increase the bhangra circuit also and it will also be a major step towards bhangra revolution.I hope u all liked my idea.
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No. I am not waiting a week to see if we won or not lol. It defeats the purpose of having to go out of town for a competition to find out after a week as to how you did.

Voting online can be biased and not everyone will vote.

Harjot releases videos according to his own preference so we'll be waiting for him to release videos or be constantly asking him to. If you manage to suck up to him hard enough, you might get your video.

We just need judges that will judge every team without bias and judging according to the rubric. I hate how some judges give the 1st team 6 points max because they need a "base". That doesn't work anymore especially since every team is performing against the rubric to accumulate the most points.

Finding a judge not affiliated with any team is hard and almost impossible.

Maybe we can have the judges post their own reviews of every team/scorecards on BTF after the competition is finished. However, many judges in my opinion don't remember much of the routines after watching 8+ teams dance for 8 minutes long. It is all a blur. So, finding a system that'll work is going to be pretty hard. Good luck.


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Harjot releases videos according to his own preference so we'll be waiting for him to release videos or be constantly asking him to. If you manage to suck up to him hard enough, you might get your video.
sidhi gal asi muh te akh de


I know this is the 100th time someones complained about judging, but I think that since so many people have made actual complaints about the judging system (not just saying "judges were wrong"), there has to be something that could make the process better. Here's some ideas I've been thinking about:

Stop having old uncles judge comps. I've definitely seen judges that are clearly not familiar with the modern competitive bhangra circuit, so having them judge modern music teams makes no sense. They provide no useful advice/critiques to teams, do not recognize the complexity of choreo or formations teams have, and they make heavily biased decisions based on outdated ideas about bhangra (moves should be done certain way, English/non-Punjabi songs shouldn't be in set etc). If a judge has not danced/participated with an actual bhangra team within the last 5-7 years, I don't think they should be a judge for modern comps, simply because they wouldn't know how the current circuit works. Being captain of a team that existed 10+ years ago that no one has ever heard of should not qualify someone to be a judge imo. The best solution to this issue is for more current/recently retired dancers to reach out and become judges themselves. Any dancer who has participated in captaining/designing a set/coaching in the last few years would be more qualified to judge bhangra than someone who danced in India 20 years ago.

Make rubrics more explicit. Rubrics right now don't do a great job of describing how points should be awarded, and a 0-10 scale for rubric criteria can be interpreted differently by each judge. So I think the points should be given when a team reaches certain explicit levels of form/creativity/etc, rather than letting the judge pick arbitrarily. Each point/range of points per section of the rubric would have a breakdown so that the scale is easily understood by all the judges.

Ex: For the "creativity in choreo" section of a rubric,
1-2 = team did basic moves throughout set, no/little variation in choreo, simple to execute
3-4 = team had few creative moments in choreo, added some impact to performance
5-6 = team had even mix of simple and creative choreo throughout set, added impact to performance
7-8 = choreo was unique and creative, few basic moments were seen between segments
9-10 = set was filled with creative choreo when appropriate and the creativity added large amount of impact

A scale like this would give judges a clearer way of picking what score to give teams, and it would give teams a better idea of how they should structure and build their set before the competition. These descriptions/scales would differ per comp, but if comps spelled out how exactly points would be awarded, expectations would be much more transparent to judges and teams. If the judges themselves put together these breakdowns before the comp, this process would be even better, considering most comps are not run by bhangra experts.

Lmk what you think, are these changes realistic or nah? Has anyone mentioned this stuff before? Tbh I didn't dig through every "judges suck" post. I don't want this to just be another post complaining about judging, I want changes to happen.