Bhangra Knockout 2017 - Calling DJ's to Mix

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    The Bhangra Project, a non-for-profit organisation in Sydney (Australia) is hosting Bhangra Knockout 3 in October 2017.

    Bhangra Knockout is our sister exhibition event (to Harbour City Bhangra), this is a match up style event where 4-vs-4 Bhangra Battles are held in the middle of a boxing ring stage! Match ups dance to the same mix. No cash prize, purely for braggings rights (where team call-outs are encouraged). Winners are crowned by the crowd. After the formal match-ups are completed, the ring is removed for everyone to dance the night away!

    This year we require some dj's to create 3.5 minute mixes.

    If you are interested in showcasing your talent please get in touch.

    Thanks :)

    Here is a link to the videos from Bhangra Knockout 2016:
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  2. JuicyDev

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    Who should we contact?
  3. The Bhangra Project

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    You can contact us via email on, or you can simply send us a message on BTF :)
  4. The Bhangra Project

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    Thank you to everyone that touched based. We have now filled this opportunity. Cheers.
  5. Jagdish Lal

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    I'm definitely interested in this..

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