Bhangra Set Structure Survey


TLDR: If you've danced/made a set, fill this out:

I already posted this on the FB group, but for the 5 people who still use this site:

What's good BTF, I've been thinking about set design a lot lately and wanted to look at the statistics behind set structures in bhangra performances. Since there are a lot of sets out there, I wanted to ask all of you for some help.

I put together a Google form where you can input the information of a bhangra performance's set structure, list out what order the segments are in, how many segments, and so on. I think it would be interesting to see what the average layout of a set is, how many different combinations of sets have been done, differences between regions, percentage of katos in the circuit, and other stats like that.

If you have created and/or performed a set for a bhangra performance at a competition, please fill out the form with the info about that set. Having everyone submit their own sets would split up the work pretty evenly, and if there are a repeats I'll just clean the data. You can submit as many sets as you want, but please don't troll with the info, I'd appreciate it.

Example submission: Farishtey NDC 2020, 1st place
Set order: Gimmick + Jugni hit > Saaps > Jugni hit + Kunde > Phumniyan > Jhummar (normal) > Dhammal + gimmick > chaal seg > General seg > End song > set is over > set is over...
(if there are more spots than needed, fill the extra spots with "set is over")

If you have any questions about how to fill the form out, or how a certain part of a set would be categorized, let me know.

Eventually I'll sort through the info and if I make any meaningful discoveries, I'll let you all know lol. Thank you very much!
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