Bruin Bhangra '08


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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Long Beach Terrace Theater

Bringing Bhangra and Punjabi culture to Southern California, Bruin Bhangra once again brings back the beats of dhol, and the swelling crowds of enthusiastic fans to the center stage of the community. This year?s event will take place Sunday, May 25th at the beautiful Long Beach Terrace Theatre.

Originating in May of 1999, Bruin Bhangra has become known as ?The West Coast?s Biggest and Baddest Bhangra Competition.? The competition is a wholly student-run show of Bhangra teams coming from all over the entire nation and Canada. This year 10 teams will compete for a chance to win a cash prize and in the process display their team pride and promote their culture.

The show has become a favorite annual event for both the audiences attending as well the performers, and is the most highly-anticipated show of its kind. This exchange of dance and Punjabi culture has led to greater unity among South Asian young adults, teaching them important lessons of dedication and teamwork. Team rivalries and geographic boundaries are blurred in this Olympic-like event, which unites the performers and audiences together for one common reason: their love for Bhangra and appreciation of South Asian culture. So whether you are out in the crowd or up on stage performing, everyone will be cheering.

The show?s increasing popularity nationwide has led to its incredible overall growth, and each year Bruin Bhangra has topped itself as the premiere Bhangra competition in the nation. Over the past three years, Bruin Bhangra has even hosted world-renowned Bhangra superstars such as Lehmber Hussainpuri, Malkit Singh, Sukhbir, B21, and Jassi Sidhu. This year the show is expected to have an attendance of over 3000 people.