CMU Bhangra 2017-2018 Season

Kiddhan BTF,

We've had a great time dancing and goofing around with our friends, and hope you guys enjoy watching our performances below. It's been a long road for us since the beginning of the season; but I personally couldn't be more proud of my dancers. Throughout the season, they have demonstrated resilience, respect, and charisma on and off stage, overcoming a slew of obstacles: including a team plague, pin mishaps and vaardi misadventures. These experiences definitely put you to the test as a leader, but also show the true strength of your dancers, and their ability to execute under pressure. They don't get this just from their own will, but with the love and compassion that they have for each other. It is this energy that keeps our team together, and keep us performing everywhere we go, from year to year.

On a personal note, I was a freshman in high school the first time that I saw CMU Bhangra perform as an exhibition act at Bhangra in the Burgh IV. I never would have dreamed that I would one day dance for this team, let alone lead it in its 12th year. I have to pay respect to the captains that inspired me to dance in the first place: Sid Sethi & Shubhit Singh, along with all of the captains that have preceded them. The work of a captain is not finished once the season ends; but is fully realized in the seasons following them. As captains, Tosh and I can only hope that we have been able to carry the CMU legacy forward, and sustain the momentum.

We hope you enjoy our performances from the 2017-18 season. As always, feedback is appreciated. We'd love to hear from the circuit about what we can do different and improve on for next year.

Bhangra Blowout 2018 (3rd Place)

Black: Kushagro Bhattacharjee & Rhea Prabhu
Ferozi: Hardik Singh & Ananya Suri
Blue: Ian Asenjo & Prachi Mahableshwarkar
Red: Akash Bansal & Tanya Talwar
Yellow: Sujay Desai & Sharanya Bhatheja
Green: Riya Uppal & Tara Chacko
Dholi: Hans Kumar
Dholi: Shwetha Venkatesh

Richmond Punjabi Mela

Every year, we take our Campus team to a competition as a means of training our younger dancers and giving them stage experience. For 10 of them, this was their first experience with Bhangra on a competitive stage. They made us really proud.

Black: Yashdeep Padey & Akshara Ramakrishnan
Ferozi: Rohan Zeng & Rachel Cleaveland
Blue: Gautam Goel & Kanika Seth
Red: Kushagro Bhattacharjee & Sanjana Shah
Yellow: Saransh Chopra & Milinda Bhopatkar
Green: Eunju Pak & Rupali Dhumne
Dholi: Shwetha Venkatesh

Bhangra in the Burgh - Exhibition (First performance of the year!)

Purple: Akash Kejriwal & Kaveen Singh
Blue: Hardik Singh & Prachi Mahableshwarkar
Ferozi: Ian Asenjo & Priya Prabhu
Green: Neel Tiwary & Shivani Sheth
Black: Rushik Gandhi & Shreya Punya
Yellow: Tegjeev Singh & Eunju Pak
Orange: Riya Uppal & Tara Chacko
Red: Toshitha Jagadeesh & Sharanya Bhatheja
Dhol: Hans Kumar
Chimta: Yashdeep Padey

- Kash, Anans, and Kavs for the mixes. You guys have gone above and beyond dealing with deadlines and everything else.
- Dikky and Kash for your crazy ideas and organization
- Tejas for your guidance throughout the process
- Rohan Zeng and Dikky for pagh tying
- Akash Kejriwal for being a master of organizational skills
- Kanika, Milinda, Gautam, Rohan for working through the night to make sure we had our props ready before Blowout
- Kush for stepping up for Blowout, man went big for his first comp, proud of you
- Shivani for managing our money better than I can manage my undergraduate career
- Gautty G for stepping up as manager and wrecking it like no other
- Kash and Bad Girl RiRi for educating the young ones of our ways
- Campus team for always being there to support us when the highs are high and the lows are low
- Our alumni for always making an effort to come out to chill with us. Having you guys around reminds us why we dance

Chardi kalaa,

congrats CMU on your placing at blowout-you def started the show off on a high note. Special shout out goes to Shwetha- it's rare seeing a female dholi in the circuit especially a South Indian at that (represent!!). What I was impressed was that I could hear the dagga sounds from way out in the back which is a great start and she was smiling- for other's it's hard to have that natural smile. Props and respect---keep it up!

I always love the passion that this team brings each year to the circuit and it speaks to leadership/alumni and the way that they teach the art to the rest of the people. Congrats on a successful year guys! :)

- Dholi Ram