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Swi and I drafted a spreadsheet to organize competition information. It is currently publicly editable, so that any organizer or member can add information. Feel free to add any competition that will accept bhangra teams (so even fusion comps and such), the more comps the better. The calendar includes both registration deadlines and comp dates.

The calendar is synced with the excel spreadsheet. It's not automatic so that if the spreadsheet is incorrectly changed, it won't break the calendar script. But it should be synced fairly often. Check the spreadsheet for the guaranteed latest info.

Competition Listings:
Competition Listings:
Competition Calendar:

xml link:
ical link:

If you have any suggestions let Swi or I know, thanks!

Re: Competition Listings

stickied the thread, let's direct all future requests about competitions here (unless it's a specific query)

There is a way to autogenerate google calendar events based on a spreadsheet. I will set it up and update the OP with the calendar


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Re: Competition Listings

Swi, you sticked my sticky! haha.

Awesome work gentlemen! This will help everyone out a ton.

Hope you guys don't mind, but I added the word "Calender" to the subject line. Hopefully we can get it converted to a Google Calender soon.

~ Basim :)
In addition to 2014 competitions, I've added two new tabs - Competition Results and Competition Directory.

Be mindful of formatting when making edits to the spreadsheet, and double-check to ensure that the information you are posting is accurate.

I added a bunch of competitions to the Competition Results tab. Please keep the format consistent.

J-Skeet said:
is there anyway that we can get this as a direct link on the home page instead of on this thread.
Saleem will have to make that change, he's quite busy with some personal issues but it'll get done at some point. I think we'll also just directly embed the calendar onto the site.

I updated the original post with the link to the calendar. You can subscribe to it and use your own calendar tool to see all the info. It has the comp dates and the registration dates. Updates to the spreadsheet will reflect in the calendar. For various reasons, I have set the calendar to be manually synced to the spreadsheet (for instance if the spreadsheet is changed or incorrect it won't then break the calendar). So as changes come in I'll sync the calendar, but spreadsheet will always have the latest information.

hope this helps!

Can someone confirm they can see the calendar and the comps (check march and april)? I see it fine online and on my phone, but I want to make sure it's publicly visible. If someone could add the calendar to their own google calendars or ical it to your phone or something that'd be awesome.

I want to make sure it's working before I start contacting comps to let them know to update. We'll embed the calendar on the front page as well so it's easily available (or replace the current calendar)
works for me

edit: Just wanted to add that this calendar is dope. Good work to everybody involved in setting it up and making it feasible to maintain long-term.


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Swi said:
If someone could add the calendar to their own google calendars or ical it to your phone or something that'd be awesome.
Just added it to my personal Google calender online and it works great (checked through April)!

~ Basim :)
A friend of mine is creating a website that will consists of each team (as many teams as we can list) having their own page, accompanied by their videos/performances/list of placings/roster/etc.
It will also have a specific page with a list active competitions accompanied by the dates/deadlines/etc.
I will try to help him maintain the website and keep it up to date as much as possible.

I will post the link of the website on BTF as soon as it is done.

If you have any suggestions for the website, please let me know! :)
vishwassodhi said:
why does the listing say that the deadline for comps like blowout and warrior are closed? the packet isint even out yet?
Yeah, that information is clearly wrong. Just continue to monitor the spreadsheet for inaccurate information and make changes if you can. Also (Swi would know about this), but I'm not sure whether having a blank field for those deadlines would interfere with the calender script. maybe that's why the field is being entered as "closed?" Not sure if that's the case, but if it is, it would be better to put a ballpark date on there to reserve the spot.

Yea its obviously wrong, just change it.... I think closed is a default value when nothing is provided, I'll change the script to put 'tbd' or something

edit: modified script so now you can put whatever you want in the date field, it will only create an event if the date is valid


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Perhaps this listing should have competitions for our friends across the Atlantic (in the UK)? Don't wanna make them feel left out. ;D

HdBrar said:
Perhaps this listing should have competitions for our friends across the Atlantic (in the UK)? Don't wanna make them feel left out. ;D
Ask them to post to the listings...or submit it yourself! That's the point of the public google doc, please help us out :)
Someone copied and pasted the comp list from sheet 1 to sheet 3 (Competition Directory or All-time competition list). I alphabetized the list and made a few columns. It'd be cool if everyone could contribute and fill in the blanks now that we have a list going. Keep the format consistent (i.e. keep it in alphabetical order).