Desi Dog Names

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DjDhol-E, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. DjDhol-E

    DjDhol-E New Member

    ok so my boy got a german shepherd puppy and he doesnt know what to name him. he was thinking of a UNIQUE and or maybe a desi or punjabi name. any ideas?
  2. BDR Official Fan

    BDR Official Fan New Member

    Ramta German Da
  3. Amanpaul

    Amanpaul New Member

    cant go wrong with sheru, monty, tiger, romi and tommy
    not unique, but awesome desi dog names
  4. Navkarn

    Navkarn New Member

    Puppy Gill.
  5. sonehdataweet

    sonehdataweet New Member

  6. Jaggy

    Jaggy New Member

    My dogs name is Shera!
  7. H G

    H G Member

  8. imakhilyou37

    imakhilyou37 Member

    Haha i named my dog that like 6 months ago. Ruffinder Grewal should be joining the family soon
  9. yraparla


    my neighbor's puppy is called idli, it's freaking adorable actually
  10. justAguy

    justAguy ^chilllan w/ AMY GOODMAN in my pic wooo im famous^

    WOW this is funny cuz every desi grl I've dated has a dog's name. One even had the same name as the goat from Henna that Henna talked to.
    Anyway I'd rather not announce those names ... God forbid a desi hears about someone they might know n start consulting the whole community to extract whatever gossip they can ...

    BUT I will tell you this. Take any Punjabi name , shorten it to the slang name n then just add like four I's to the end.
    i.e. Bhupinderpal ... Shortened to Bhupi ... N then off course the additional I's
    n the voila u gots a cute little BUPPPIIIIII OYEEEE runnin n peein around the house

    mine's Fluffy ... Short for fluffinderjeet I guess

    also a quick n easy one is Sohna or Sohni. Everytime I find a stray animal in India n feed it I get attached n name it Sohna or Sohni depending on the gender. It really saves a lot of time and thinking.
    Best of luck , dogs are awesome !!!!
  11. Gurbir23

    Gurbir23 New Member

    LOL this shit is gold
  12. Karan V

    Karan V Member

  13. Multani

    Multani Member

    Sundri, Toppa, Bagga, Chiku, Shammi, shikku, shali, so far funniest one i heard is GOLA(jack) haha
  14. sukh492

    sukh492 New Member

    Pappu or Babloo
  15. Avneet

    Avneet New Member

    Hellooo.... ROCKY! It's the perfect name for a "Punjabi" German Sheperd
  16. Dholaholic

    Dholaholic New Member

    my cousins dogs names are shanti and moti
  17. JotBrar

    JotBrar "The khunda is mightier than the sword" - Jot Brar

    LOL thats what my dog in india was named
  18. Davinder Dhaliwal

    Davinder Dhaliwal Tell Em What They Wanna Hear!

    Makhan Singh.

    ENVY BANG-RUH Let the music move you!!!!!

    Maybe im too whitewashed, but i dont like a dog having a desi name.
  20. Stylez1

    Stylez1 SWAGGI

    call him phumaniya

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