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I recently bought a used 24" Nagi Kali Talli Dhol with 13" diameters on the treble and bass side and wanted to if someone with more knowledge on dhols can let me know what he thinks about the quality of my kali talli dhol from what you can see from the pictures.

The bass side dhol rim has a small crack (refer to the picture) and I wanted to know if a simple wood filler will do the job or I need to use some other material for this issue.

Also for the winter time what are the maintenance tips to keep the dhol in good shape for the summer season in regards to oiling, loosening the rings, etc. I heard about oiling the dagga and dhol wood, but I want to know from someone that knows what I should be doing with the dhol in summer and in the winter to keep it in top notch shape.

I presently have a 13" Remo Weatherking Coated Ambassador head on the treble side, however I have been told that the best head for the tilli side is the Ebony Ambassador. Since I am looking for a white colored treble head I have been suggested to use the Fiberskyn head, however the Fiberskyn head has totally different qualities when it comes to: Tone, Sustain and Durability.

In the WHITE TREBEL HEADS OF REMO: Clear/Coated/ Smooth White/ White Suede/ Suede/ Renaissance
all have the exact same qualities as shown below as the Ebony Ambassador:
Ambassador Sound Quality[/t][/c][/t]

However as for the suggested white colored head: Remo Weatherking Fiberskyn 3 Ambassador it has different qualities as seen below than the Ebony Ambassador, but the Coated Ambassador that I presently have has the exact same qualities as the Ebony Ambassador.

So I am not sure which head to stick with as I want a head that does the exact same job as the Ebony Ambassador but in white.
Ambassador Sound Quality[/t][/c][/t]

I am a new dholi so any help from experienced dholis will be a lot of help for me.

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For a crack that small i wouldn't consider it that big of an issue, but if you really want to, you can most certainly use wood filler just to plug that baby up.

as far as winter maintainence goes the best way to makesure nothing goes wrong is to just play it through out the year lol. If you're planning on just storeing it makesure you loosen up the tilli head and dhaga head and put it in a corner of your room (where there will be heat so that the skin and the barrel doesn't get hit with freezing temperatures like an unfinished basement or something like that. As far as oiling goes, i never oil my barrels to store them, i usually un knot the dhaga head so that its loose and just keep em in fairly good temperatures and conditions

and if you want a white head, Go with a gbc. In my opinion... Desi > Remos > Other