DJ's still using ghost producers?

Discussion in 'Music and Albums' started by karan.sanghera, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. karan.sanghera

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    Some of you may be aware of Benny Dhaliwal's new track produced by DJ Harv called "Sada Time", but I've noticed that the beat of this song, along with how the percussion is mixed and mastered is identical to DJ Raj's song "Mutiyar Jatt Di". Could it still be that these UK DJs are still hiring ghost producers?

    Listen to both of these songs yourself and see how similar they are:

  2. mithu

    mithu Member

    It's the norm.
    Most producer/DJs will have bunch of stuff recorded (instruments) and will either sell them as sample packs or just reuse them over and over with different effect chains.
  3. raj2k

    raj2k New Member

    K-Singh ghost produced them I think.
  4. desi99

    desi99 Aruan S.

    Most of the Punjabi music industry, has been recycling the same production and compositions for so long, its a trend now,
    a lot of the top artists do it, you'll be surprised..
  5. karan.sanghera

    karan.sanghera New Member

    How do you know ?

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