FAUJ Unposted Mixes


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Hey guys,

We’ve decided to finally release some of the mixes we’ve kept from y’all over the past few years! After polling on our IG (@faujbhangra) last week, we found the below five mixes to be our most demanded, with demand increasing from bottom to top:

1. Bruin Bhangra 2018
2. Big 10 Bhangra Competition 2017
3. Circle City Bhangra 2018
4. Bhangra at the Bell 2014
5. Boston Bhangra Competition 2014

This time around, YOU have the power to decide how many of these we release. Starting from the bottom, we’ll release a mix for every 25 followers we receive on IG from now till next Friday September 14th. We’re two away from releasing BBC 2014🔥

So please do your part and spread the word! Over and out