Finding Bhangra Music


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I’m not generally involved with the Bhangra dance scene, but I do from time to time make Bhangra mixes and I find myself struggling to find new music. My usual strategy is to just meander on YouTube and hope I get lucky, but I was wondering if there’s a better way to go about finding music?


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I have found myself in the same situation multiple times. Being a mixer in the circuit you are expected by teams to suggest "hot" songs and latest songs, or in one of my cases - "songs no one would've heard" / very low view count on youtube (lol @rishabh.m )

Usually I just try find some playlists on spotify, soundcloud or youtube that has a decent number of songs, shuffle play and "like" , "add to playlist" , whatever with it so I can download it later.

You will find a decent number of popular songs there. Another thing I do is go to speed records' youtube channel and go to their videos list to find latest songs.

Apart from that, sometimes I look for artists I know and see if they dropped any new music. Mankirt Aulakh & Rajvir Jawanda are a couple really popular artists so I look out for what they release!

Hope this helps :)


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Some constantly updating Spotify playlists consisting of a good mix of older and newer songs are "Bhangra Party" and "Bhangra Punjabi 2018." Also when you are listening to a playlist on Spotify (whether it be your own or one of those or any other playlist) and you scroll down to the bottom of the list, Spotify will give you suggestions of other songs that could fit into the playlist and are usually newer/popular bhangra songs. Beyond that, once you listen to some music for a while on Spotify it'll start making "Discover Weekly" playlists for you that are filled with tons of new and relatively unheard bhangra songs.

When I didn't have Spotify, I used to listen to longer bhangra mixes on Soundcloud--once I found a song I liked, I would figure out what song it by Shazam or whatever other app to find the original song. This helped a lot in picking hype songs for mixes without having to go through countless Youtube ads and low quality videos.