First Class Bhangra @ Clutch City Bhangra Competition (2017)--- 1st Place

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  1. saagarm

    saagarm Member

    Here is the link to our performance at Clutch City Bhangra Competition(2017):
    Thank you to Deepti, a Clutch City Liaison for recording the video!

    4K Video: Credit to Vikram Bahogun

    Here is the link to the mix:


    Red: Squid Pandit & Saagpreet Menon

    Yellow: BadGirl Rishaan Sharma & Dharvinder Patwa

    Ferozi: Scumer Qureshi & Arunpreet “Nah” Singh

    Blue: Indrasavage Brahme & Dik Dik Singh

    Orange: Llama Dhruva Vishwanath & Sujathaflackaflames Baskar (gurrlll dancer)

    Purple: Jazzy ****ing V (Jaskirat Vig) & ChefBoyarJiggy Saraiya

    Black: Chandramouli Swaminathan Rathnam & Dr. Treemix (Srihari Sritharan)

    Green: Ejawn ButtMuncher Totejawn (Eshann Toteja) & NakedGuyintheHall Akash Menon

    Dholi: Tejasvir Singh Rekhi

    First and foremost, shoutout to one of our oldies, Dhir Patwa, who celebrated his 21st birthday on stage at the competition. You have always been a role model for all our tall and lanky dancers, glad you could make it back to compete at this competition!

    Thank you & Shoutouts:

    · Shoutout to Gagan and Surpreet (Gary) and the rest of Clutch City Bhangra committee, this competition was one of the best competitions we have been to. From the hotel, to the 24 hour practice space, to the pool party, hands down a very well run comp, and super fun.

    · Our wonderful liaison, Niki Patel, who worked to help make sure we had everything we needed to put together the last minute touches on our set and for tying our hellaa wrist phumman.

    · Our managers, Anil Sankaramanchi, Monica Jahan, and Falak Naz Ali, for also being champs, staying with us all night, making sure we had all props and videos and everything sorted out.

    · Tejasvir Singh Rekhi, for taking time out of his busy schedule of eating ladoos to come rip it on dhol for us. Having you play for us, and be there with us is always an amazing time.

    · Congratulations to Alamo City Bhangra (2nd place) and Rangla Punjab Arts Academy (3rd) for their placings at this comp. Y’all ripped it.

    · Also shoutout to Sherniyan Di Sarkari for having a great debut performance and bringing straight fire to Clutch.

    · Shoutout to Jay Vakil (DJ Law), Ram Mahalingam (First Class Beats), and Srihari Sritharan (Dr. Srimix) for creating an amazing mix, full of songs from 2010 and older. The musical genius you guys have is unreal.

    · All of the out of towners that pushed themselves to be on top of their game to kill this performance.

    · All of our FCB family back in Pittsburgh helping us run spots for the above mentioned out of towners.

    · Shoutout to Scumer who fasted the entire month of Ramadan and still doing FART’s (and farting) at practice

    · Finally, thank you Hardik Singh and Tejasvir for tying our pagghan.

    · And also shoutout to Umer’s Nintendo switch, that jawn was willlllld.

    · Shoutout Clutch water bottles, serving the correct purpose at various restaurants


    · Shoutout jiggy getting hit in the nuts

    · Shoutout treemix for treeing a beat to early

    · Shoutout Sujathaflackaflames for Killing those hoping bheitka ;)

    · Ejawn’s fantastic khunda toss

    As always, feedback is always appreciated, and we would love to hear it.

    Much Love,

    First Class Bonerzzz
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  2. siddyp

    siddyp Tough times never last, but tough people do.

    For real. Texas hospitality was un real during comp weekend. Another shoutout to the committee, liaisons, and the people of Texas. Enjoy!
  3. jasvig

    jasvig Jaskirat Vig

    Shoutout to my jodi Jigar for learning the entire set in less than a week. You killed it man!
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  4. Nimit

    Nimit Active Member

    This was sick. Great work from your newer dancers and also Saagar absolutely murked this performance. First class as usual
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  5. mafzal

    mafzal Judge / Dancer

    AMAZING. So many sick parts. I loved absolutely loved it!

    Congrats on first!
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  6. JimmyJatt463

    JimmyJatt463 Member

    Amazing set!!
    Love the choice of slightly older songs in your mix
    One of my favourite FCB performances till date
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  7. naishp95

    naishp95 Member

    LOL @ the birthday wish :)

    Huge congrats on first and well deserved! Really felt like the dancing/energy did it for you all at this comp. FCB trains its dancers really well.

    However, I think the set lacked a WOW factor. There were a few really cool variations, but the rest I felt was too similar to moves we've seen in previous FCB sets. I hope FCB can use its creative potential to bring a game-changer once again!

    S/O to Srimix for killing his first bhangra comp!!
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  8. Howie Magz

    Howie Magz Well-Known Member

    In my personal opinion this has been the cleanest and best executed set I have seen from FCB. You guys have really stepped up the execution and synchronization as a whole. Individuals were completing their moves and angles and crispness of formations was definitely there. I don't know specifically the rubric for the competition, but this set did not have a whole bunch of wow factors in comparison to your previous sets. However, as stated earlier, I truly enjoyed this for the execution.
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  9. UmerQureshi96

    UmerQureshi96 Member

    @Howie Magz @naishp95 can I press you both on how you both define "WOW" factors? Tbh I don't know what people mean when they say that anymore. Are you talking gimmicks, choreo variations, etc?
  10. UmerQureshi96

    UmerQureshi96 Member

    Also to press you both (not trying to be an asshole, I'm genuinely curious) @naishp95 what felt too similar? I mean can you point to segments or choreo or formations that felt the same? This is a critique we've gotten a lot in the past year or two and we've been trying to do new things but we keep getting the same thing. Also @Howie Magz what felt different execution wise? I mean personally I think our Big10 execution was much better, not shitting on this one but I just think Big10 was our best. Were our formations cleaner? Did we just do fewer variations on choreo? Idk I'm tryna take your language and boil it down to something concrete we can point to an address for future comps. If you want PM your comments to me
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  11. Howie Magz

    Howie Magz Well-Known Member

    @umer I just messaged you so take a look at what I mean ;)
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  12. abhij95

    abhij95 Active Member

    Love how Y'all incorporated the Dholi into saap formations
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  13. naishp95

    naishp95 Member

    @UmerQureshi96 totally get what you're saying about more specific critiques, I'll send a PM soon!

    Edit: Sent
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  14. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Active Member

    What was the point of the dholi in the middle of saap formation? Was he lost?
  15. siddyp

    siddyp Tough times never last, but tough people do.

    Yes. Tejas is always lost. Not even joking.

    But actually:
    1. We wanted to do something dif w the dholi.
    2. 2nd song in saaps was

    3rd song when he came to the front was

    So all in all, to give him a bit of a highlight too. Cause dholi's don't get them that often

    Feedback has been mixed. It was a risk. Was worth it. Esp for the one time in practice where he did get lost and got ran over by Scumer.
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  16. Howie Magz

    Howie Magz Well-Known Member

    Haha Tejas is always lost. He had a small malfunction at vegas with us too. At 7:25 he was suppose to get in the middle of the circle. Still love you Tejasvir. You a dope dholi.
  17. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Active Member

    I like it, but here's a recommendation:

    Why not have the dholi hooked up to the rafters and have him fly around while you guys perform. Make it more interactive, kind of like bhangra empire and their flying dholi at bruin.
  18. TSingh1

    TSingh1 New Member

    My bad, I guess that's why I was never mentioned in the BTF post. :(
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  19. sahab

    sahab Active Member

    #Furteelayclassbrothers #ceasersclassbrothers
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  20. vaibhav

    vaibhav Active Member

    Great job and congrats on the placing! Huge props, also, on you all for executing such a complex, unique routine so well. Definitely not an easy feat considering how many newer and younger dancers you guys typically have. I'm always amazed at how FCB can pull off great sets with such amazing stamina across the board.

    In terms of the set, I agree with naishal and howie - there seemed to be a lack of "wow"ness in this set. This may not necessarily be due to the number of gimmicks or x-factors, but more so because I think FCB has been employing a similar routine formula for quite some time now. I am definitely not discounting the great routines you all make, because they are truly something else (the attention to detail in choreo, forms, and routine is always remarkable). I just believe that the general feeling or the impression I am left with from FCB sets has remained the same for the past 2 years or so. Of course, whatever you guys are doing is clearly working, but I think there is great room for FCB to evolve and redefine itself in the near future.
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