Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

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  1. KarnSingh

    KarnSingh Active Member

    Blue + Ferozi Jodi delivered a superb performance! Formations/mix were a lot more impactful in person. 3:14-3:27 was good, but 3:27-4:03 didn't provide too much value (other than sequence into and including chaffas). Not a huge fan of the jhummar, otherwise didn't take away from overall set. Loved the tempo fluctuations and change of pace throughout; dancers did well making BPM shifts feel seamless. Blue boy did it good from 6:39-6:42.

    Had this at first for sure. Should have been minimally second.
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  2. Ankush

    Ankush Well-Known Member

    Shit, I'm still in shock this didn't place. Didn't see it live but only heard good things all night. Watched both non-GTV and GTV and gotta say you guys have rebuilt amazingly well. Every single one of your drops hit, except maybe khunde (flat segment except Black jordi). Thought that was the weakest link i the entire set. Yeah there were mistakes but if you take into account the complexity of the set, it can easily be argued that this is a placing set. Personally thought you guys should've placed Top 2 at Burgh. Again- watching a set live is a complete different experience, but I must say that if it is this good on video it was just as good in person. Judges had a tough call to make but deff Top 2 for me. Hans Raj Jhoomer song was fire and chorus into dhaamal was super creative before the fast jhoomer. Phumaniya song chorus drop was execute flawlessly. Avoid using so many clusters in the set, spread the boys out more. GSIMZ WHAT A SICK MIX MAN.

    I do however have to say that the intro vaar was very weak. If you are going to utilize punjabi when you do your vaar, your pronunciation needs to be spot on. I've seen a lot of teams do it - to just do it. I think you are better off with starting your mix with a pre-recorded vaar instead of live. For judges it is a huge negative when the set starts off and the vaar seems forced. Also, Arun and Gsimz don't stop dancing you guys have done a phenomenal job here alongside Sahab and I think if you 2 bang out a couple more comps with these youngins you guys can really dominate the circuit. Get a solid 12-16 of your own boys so you dont have to borrow (black jordi just danced differently entire set, but still executed phenomenally; just stylistically different) dancers.

    Keep up the good works boys!
  3. Varan Rakhra

    Varan Rakhra bas iko varr boldi dunali te doji vari VARAN bolda

    Wicked set! Arun and Gsimz you guys killed it!

    Absolutely agree with Ankush on the intro sher. There’s only a select few individuals that can bring fire doing a sher and if you don’t match up to those select few, it just brings your intro down imo. Intro points could of been lost cause of that maybe? Not sure but not trying to bring the boy down that did but if you’re gna do it, do it properly by not just being articulate but having that josh in your voice.

    Good job fellas! Pumped to see what you bring to Mela.
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  4. Gsimz

    Gsimz Ne Asi Gabroo Desh Punjab De ;)

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. We really appreciate the kind words. Although the performance did sit well with many of you (and it means a lot to our dancers), as a team we know this wasn’t executed to the best of our ability. I’d like to thank all the judges for giving us constructive feedback. I can’t say we agreed with all of it, but our boys know they need to get better and there are certain things that need to be fixed. I judged for the first time earlier this year and it’s not easy. And with a line up like this, it must of been difficult.

    Lastly I only mixed two segments in this mix. The rest was mixed by GSingh, Teg Hans, Legitmate, Prodigy, and our very own DJ Sur (Soorya). You guys all did really well. Gave me hope that art of mixing hasn’t lost its value. Now days mostly we hear hi hats, snares, kicks, some 808s, dhol, and dhad. It sounds hype, but lacks quality. This parallels with mumble rap in hip hop today haha.

    Anyhow it was great coming to Burgh. I had a blast. The crowd was unreal. We really appreciated the support from Michigan!!! Almost like the time we performed at MCB. The committee ran the show well and provided adequate practice spots for the teams.
  5. abhij95

    abhij95 Active Member

    This performance was one of the most exciting Furteelay set's I've seen till date. Nakhra, energy, and choreography were on point. Execution and cleanliness could have used a little work but I understand that dancing on Burgh's unique stage could alter formations a bit. Shoutout to the youngins and a huge shout out to the out of state dancers that held it down.

    Only thing I could say the set was lacking was a wild Saab Rover on stage
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  6. JimmyJatt463

    JimmyJatt463 Member

    I enjoyed this set so much!!
    Very exciting to see Furteelay back and competing at a high level after a while. I think you have a few things to work on as already mentioned but this team is definitely on the come up.
    Personally thought you guys should have placed over AEG but very tough call. I am also judging from videos and I'm sure the live set must have been killer!!
    Excited to see the changes at the next comp you guys decide to compete at
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  7. Howie Magz

    Howie Magz Well-Known Member

    Very solid set and I agree that this should of placed at Burgh. I think that one of the yellow jodis needs to definitely step it up because he looked lost and made mistake at times (ex: khuday). The set was good and I loved the overall energy of all of your dancers, but the biggest issue was that cleanliness of the dancers and the formations was missing. There were at times where I could not tell the shapes you were making in your formation and people were arriving to their spots in the formations at different times. These things can definitely be fixed over time and I know personally a lot of your dancers are young. Continue to train them and get them use to that Furteelay form and you guys will continue to dominate. Excited to see you guys at Mela.
  8. Nimit

    Nimit Active Member

    Already talked to some of you about this in person but great job overall! Obviously placing worthy and I thought you guys were 2nd. Couple notes if you care:

    - Try not to waste beat drops on things people have done before. One example I'll use was saaps. I think the saap segment was nice but the whole segment built into like 8 saap betkhes. I think you guys are too talented to leave an opportunity out there where you could really turn some heads. I think the idea should be to make a set that if you hit it, you win guaranteed (personal opinion) and I think you were maybe two or three drops short of that

    - Intermediate choreo was really well done. Transition choreo and each segment's intro choreo was something that wasn't basic and showed a commitment to keeping the set fresh. Everything seemed very smooth and connected (which is a problem for a lot of teams) and so I respect how easy you guys are to watch.

    - Make sure you guys drill body angles a little more esp when people are spinning. I think that might the root of a lot of your cleanliness issues. Young dancers did a great job of dancing hard and using their energy well. Floored by how well they danced considering their experience

    - I dont think your formations were messy, I just think you guys could've used the stage more effectively. Spread out and make your dancers move further so we can more aptly see what the formation concept should look like. You guys were hitting spots but just setting them too close together so people seemed a bit crammed. Try and use all 40' of stage as opposed to centralizing formations around the middle 30'

    - Smack everyone at Mela ;)
  9. sstakhar

    sstakhar Member

    One of my favourite FS performances in recent memory, def should've placed, congrats on the performance!

    Interesting choreo and smooth transitions as always, i think the complexity slightly hurt cleanliness overall but this looks a like young squad so kudos to you guys on how you train them up.

    Pls post the mix, intro jhummar and phumniya choreo were my fav's and executed amazingly well
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  10. hardeep_singh

    hardeep_singh Well-Known Member

    best choreo of the all teams at burgh, i would have given this 1st even though it seems like they pulled some kids out of middle school for this performance.
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  11. hardeep_singh

    hardeep_singh Well-Known Member

    please don't let sahab do a shair again
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  12. sahab

    sahab Active Member

    I can't promise that
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