Gabru Furteley @ Bhangra Fest 2017

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    Hey BTF,

    Firstly, we just want to congratulate the placing teams and give a well done to others who competed. It was a fun night and was refreshing to see new sets with creative twists. Respect to the organisers for being accommodating to our needs and being chill on the day.

    Attached below is the official video for GF's performance at Bhangra Fest 2017.
    After TBC2014, We performed as BFD at TBC2016, and made our comeback as a lone team this year.
    We hope you enjoy watching this set as much as we all enjoyed making and showcasing this set. All types of feedback is welcome and will be taken on board!

    Black: Sanjay Sanghani / Rajvatan Singh (Captain)
    Grey: Amritpal Kaur / Sumeet Choat
    Green: Amrit Grewal / Harkaran Singh
    Red: Aran Singh / Hari Patel
    Blue: Dhanveer Pandhal / Jessica Cheung
    Ferozi: Jai Hundal / Nav Singh
    Pink: Randeep Singh / Sukhi Dosanjh
    Orange: Yogi Verma / Kyran Singh

    Others who contributed to the set:
    Sahib Singh (Captain)
    Nonihal Singh (Mixing help)
    Kiron Mizanur (Mixer)
    Vivek Muman (Mastered the mix)
    Gagan Jagpal (Designed our vardi)
    Nachda Sansaar & Josh Valathian Da (helped us get ready on the day & helped us with constant feedback and room for improvements)
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    Definitely a high quality set, I can't imagine how tough it must have been to judge this comp with the videos that have come out so far.
    For the most part clean formations, good energy. Good integration of formations with drops. I think this set would have done well at a bunch of NA comps for sure, but I think in looking at some of the other videos that came out, the level of innovation and choreo creativity in this set lagged compared to some of the sets that placed. And while formations were clean and well integrated, there were a lot of "Vs" ,lines, staggered lines, etc.
    All in all you guys executed the set well, I think the set could have increased complexity in choreo and formations.
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