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  1. Babbu maan fan

    Babbu maan fan New Member

    All the producers out there, what is the best harmonium vst out there for Punjabi style music. I understand a lot of producers record using a real harmonium but I have seen producers using harmonium VSTs that mimic the real deal perfectly for bhangra music. Any suggestions? Im willing to link any type of loops/Vst in return.
  2. desi99

    desi99 Aruan S.

    Just use the real harmonium, it is way better..especially the scale changer Vajas...
    but I think you can buy VSTs online for harmonium as well, which have a decent quality sound. KVR Audio has a good one, also bollywoodsounds.net, from what I know, they can work with Logic Pro.
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  3. mithu

    mithu Active Member

    Virtual Harmonium are all trash. You're better off creating a pseudo-harmonium sounds in synth like Massive, Serum, etc.
  4. karan.sanghera

    karan.sanghera New Member

    Kontakt has a good harmonium VST (sounds like a real one) and Bollywood Harmonium by Gaurav Dayal is pretty good too.
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