Help!!! Tips on making bhangra mixes :D

Discussion in 'Help! and How-to's' started by mk5, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. mk5

    mk5 New Member

    Hey y'all, i'm fairly new to the bhangra scene, but have managed to start up an amateur bhangra team at university....
    wanted to ask u guys for some tips on how to make good bhangra mixes for routines what program do people use..

    Also finding it really difficult to mix songs together to flow as one whole mix....any help would be appreciated :D

  2. kinnell

    kinnell *Account Deactivated*

    If you open up Sony Acid Pro 7, go to File > New Composition > Bhangra Mix, a pop-up will appear asking you to set a few basic parameters (flow, number of songs, genre of overlays, favorite Full House character, number of sword slashes, whether you think EQ is a BTF conspiracy propogated by Swi, Neet, JasonK, Gsimz, and Kush, how much you want to abuse the DBI loop and how tone deaf you expect the audience to be). Acid Pro will actually compile and preview a basic mix for you based on your inputs! There's also a new "Call me a trendsetter" option that will mimic a part of another team's mix and is a easy way to get an endorphin high. :)

    lol I'm no help. Bro, you're not the first person to ask this question and you won't be the last. Use the SEARCH function.
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  3. faysal

    faysal New Member

    I would pay for a version of acid pro that did that hahaha
  4. mk5

    mk5 New Member

    No worries bro thanks 4 that!
  5. Multani

    Multani Member

    Watch that Swi will teach you some Sony Acide Pro basic skills

    Go to Post Mixes Tab and download loops that are on top from Swi, Herman. Search bigdesi rip and some dhol beats to get all the loops.

    Than just follow the tutorial and make your mixes.
  6. mafzal

    mafzal Judge / Dancer

  7. anooj3434

    anooj3434 New Member

    whenever you're listening to your transitions and mixes, always listen to it like it's your first time listening to it. When you hear a bad transition over and over it starts to sound good haha.
  8. sonehdataweet

    sonehdataweet New Member

    HAHA Kinnell
  9. mk5

    mk5 New Member

    Currently in the process of making the mix...but having trouble with the transition between two songs! Basically i've got a medium tempo song, and the point we wanna finish this song at is the point that the next song will begin. The 2nd song begins from its very start, and so the 2nd song is not already in the main beat as it starts...

    to me it sounds weird coz the mix comes to this point where the current song in its main beat ends, and then the next song starts at its start :S

    Any tips on making a clean transition?
  10. GSP

    GSP New Member

    try to add a dhol beat between the two songs and add a couple of sound effects like bruah or ehh ahh, lol
  11. GSingh

    GSingh Well-Known Member

    reverse cymbal to cymbal hits usually work .
  12. dj2nyce


    of all the fresh posts uve said that punked people this definitely the best. and i dont think its cuz it mentions me.

    wait nah, i like it cuz it mentions me, hahahaha..
  13. gursikhpreet1

    gursikhpreet1 Member

    hahahah hilarious!
  14. Finally found some legit tutorials on making mixes..

    Props to JSM for puttin this out there.
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  15. srikarran

    srikarran Member

    I think its great that a bhangra DJ puts out a tutorial for making mixes.

    However, both these video's don't offer much information that is useful to someone who wants to get better at mixing/production.

    I use FL Studio and these video's are nothing but a look at the interface.

    If you want to learn how to make bhangra mixes, unfortunately there are no videos for that specifically except a really old one done on ACID PRO. There also is no recipe for making them. I suggest watching video's on production tip's and tutorials. At the end, this is what will help you improve your mix.

    I have found myself going to FireWalk on youtube for tips and education in certain topics.

    Additionally, as GSingh has often pointed out in this forum, your DAW's reference manual is a great resource if you're looking to learn. I don't read it most times because I learn better through videos, but if I can't find a video I go to the manual.

    When using FL, the one thing you will have to learn first is fitting to tempo (takes 2 seconds to learn) - and JSM's video covers it, so does every other sampling tutorial on youtube.

    I do hope he releases more video's soon so he can show people some other cool things FL is capable of doing
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  16. Megha Guglani

    Megha Guglani New Member

    does anyone know any good apps to use (i have a mac)? i wanted to make a remix with sound effects without using that much money because my school only gives us a certain amount for the club.
  17. srikarran

    srikarran Member

    maybe garage band on a mac would be simple enough for your needs? I don't know if logic pro offers a trial version, thats a DAW that is catered to the Mac user.

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