How To Burn a Non Stop Music Cd

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  1. Sunny B

    Sunny B ਪੁਰਜਾ ਪੁਰਜਾ ਕਟ ਮਰੈ ਕਬਹੂ ਨ ਛਾਡੈ ਖੇਤੁ...

    I have This Original CD From Ace & Nana - Official Block Party Mix tape but when i tried to make a copy for my friend..i have this small gap whenever a track changes which i don't get in the original CD. Is there any special program that i have to burn the CD with so i don't get the small gap between the tracks.

    Thanks In Advance.
  2. Saleem

    Saleem Well-Known Member Staff Member

    It's a setting in your burning application "Seconds between tracks". Normally it's set to 2-3. You'll have to set it to zero. Location depends on your application.
  3. Sunny B

    Sunny B ਪੁਰਜਾ ਪੁਰਜਾ ਕਟ ਮਰੈ ਕਬਹੂ ਨ ਛਾਡੈ ਖੇਤੁ...

    Thanks for the response Saleem but i already tried that i was using nero and i checked the box where it says no gaps between tracks...but still had gaps between the track...any special program u suggest for burning the cd
  4. Armaan

    Armaan Member

    yo I straight up use iTunes to burn all my cd's. I have the most recent version of iTunes. In that, just make a playlist of the songs, so ur in case of the Ace & Nana album. Then click burn on the bottom right. A box should then pop up saying burn settings. Click audio cd and set gap between songs to none and you should be set. Just click burn. Hasn't failed me yet.
  5. Gaurav

    Gaurav New Member

    How Do I make non stop audio cd?

    Hey guys can someone help me with this. im trying to make a non-stop audio cd for a house party coming up, can someone help pls

    Thanks in advance
  6. Jeeti

    Jeeti New Member

    Re: How Do I make non stop audio cd?

    Bro depending on what cd burning software you use....before you burn it, they should give you options (like when you pick your write speed)...there should also be something like the timing in between the tracks...just reduce it to may even be in advanced settings but look for the setting that says time in between tracks...something like that.
  7. Gaurav

    Gaurav New Member

    Im using nero 7,
  8. DjDhol-E

    DjDhol-E New Member

    like saleem said ur gonna have to get rid of "Gap" between each track so that when one song finished the next track will play immediately after. or if u wanna do wat nana the dholi and dj ace did, you gotta put all the tracks on acid pro and simply transition them and render the whole file as one track and burn. this will get rid of all the gaps. hope it helps
  9. Badwal

    Badwal New Member

    I know where you live
  10. vellijatt

    vellijatt New Member

    if you convert the files to wav files instead of mp3s...that should do the trick
  11. DjDhol-E

    DjDhol-E New Member

    wata dumbass :p
  12. Manjot

    Manjot Active Member

    just put the songs behind each other on sony acid pro...make 1 track and then just burn it on cd..should work
  13. Raj

    Raj New Member

    Mixing together all of the tracks of the Ace and Nana album with Acid Pro 7 will do the trick, but it's also tedious and takes away the convenience of having a cd (what i mean by that is being able to switch between 40 something tracks with ease..otherwise we might as well use a cassette Okay so I had the same exact problem when I was trying to burn mix tapes (Absolut Bhangra / Ace & Nana), a tiny gap would appear between the songs no matter what I tried (including setting the gap to 0 seconds on the burning program). I took the time out to look it up on the internet and I found a great solution. It's called Foobar:

    This simple tutorial will allow you to burn tracks without the two second gap between tracks.
    It will also get rid of the tiny gap heard when you remove the 2 second gap in a burning program, such as Nero.

    1) Download and install Foobar2000. You need to install the special version, with extra plugins.

    2) Download the Foobar2000 burn plugin. Unzip this file. Inside you will find "foo_burninate.dll". Place this file in C:/Program Files/foobar2000/components

    3) If you do not have Nero installed, download and install Nero Burning ROM (you can find a cracked version on or any warez site you prefer). Foobar can only use Nero burning software to burn CDs.

    4) Restart Foobar 2000. Click File > Open, and add the MP3s files you would like to burn (add all the mp3 files in the Ace & Nana CD in correct order).

    5) Select all of the MP3s (Ctrl+A) and right click them. Select Convert > Write Audio CD.

    Your done! The default Foobar2000 settings should write a completely gapless audio CD for you.

    This method worked flawlessly for me when I burned the official BB15 block party mixtape.

    I have attached the two files needed to this post.

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  14. Hasit

    Hasit New Member

    lol i was gnna say the exact same thing

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