How to effectively improve stamina on a collegiate team?


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Stamina never seems to be a problem for teams like NJ Folk Loverz and SPD. In the four years I've been on my collegiate team, we've never had all 12 dancers at a consistently high energy level. Any time we try to start doing double runthroughs or segment “suicides”, people seem to just become more and more injury prone. We have tried encouraging healthy eating and workout habits, but this hasn't really worked so far. Anyone have any suggestions on how to bring up overall team stamina without leading to more injury or to better encourage healthy habits?


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the reason toronto kids can perform at high energy is because they learn proper form at a young age. They're trained to have proper posture and balance and being young and light also helps. exhaustion and improper form lead to injury so pushing yourselves too hard at practices is counterproductive. there is a perception that bhangra is supposed to be "powerful", this is false, bhangra is meant to be balanced and smooth, making bhangra look powerful isn't about stomping or doing uncontrolled motions. you shouldn't hear the sound of any stomping during practice. study and analyze live bhangra videos from punjab to learn proper form, especially with respect to behtkas and jumps. also study the way dancers maintain balance and never seem awkward transitioning from move to move. slow things down if you want to increase stamina, run practices on dhol beats and train your dancers how to complete moves properly and increase extension. even if you're practicing slower than how you expect to dance on stage, it will help increase stamina due to the effort required to increase control over how you dance.
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I agree with Hardeep on focusing proper form in practice. In addition, when doing run throughs make sure that they count. Make sure that you are not conserving your energy in your run throughs. If that means you’re dead by the first half, then so be it- eventually you’ll be able to do the whole set with little issue. This does not mean be extreme with your energy or lose form, it just means to execute everything how you’d hope to execute on stage. Every move counts.


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Agree with the comments above especially in terms of dancing slower and really thinking about completing your moves. Spot on!

Will add though, its very hard to maintain form if you have a weak core. So we spent every Sunday morning getting together as a team, and running a session working out our core, legs and back. Nothing too fancy, just at a local park or the beach doing circuits.

We also measured and tracked our beep test results on a monthly basis. This built a healthy competition within the team as you could measurably complete with other team members and try and beat their fitness. We had girls go from a beep test result of 4 at the start of the season, so 13 by the end.

On stage this meant we could finish the routine stronger, and maintain form a bit better than we used to.