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Hello everyone,

I am reaching out on behalf of my bhangra team, Bearcat Bhangra. We are a brand new bhangra team and are in desperate need of a touch up on the current mix we have as well as on the search for a potential new in-house DJ.

Please feel free to DM me on here as well as email me at, if you able to further assist of us!

Many thanks,

Jasmeen Gill


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Hi Jasmeen,

Just curious if there is a reason you're not going with Redux, since you had such a positive experience working with him in the past:

If you don't find who you are looking by someone reaching you directly, your team can take a more proactive approach and can check out this topic that is dedicated to DJ's for hire:

Furthermore, if you want to hear some current DJ's who are active on BTF and may be able to help, you can hear samples from our current mixing ladder that's going on right now:

Finding the right DJ to work with your team and one that has a unique sound & ear for your requirements is key. Nothing to right rush into - you have plenty of choice, so do your due diligence and possibly do some "comparison shopping." All the best!

~ Basim :)
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